The mansion

Carol lay on the bed, staring wide eyed into the darkness, listening for noises, while trying to think of ways to get out of this place. There it was again, a soft scuffing sound. Carol got out of bed, wrapped a blanket around her, and with flashlight in hand, stepped into the dark tunnel of a hallway. She swept the hall with light. Everything appeared as before. She moved the light back and forth, from wall to wall ---- but didn't look up.

Carol retreated back to the bedroom; with the Maglite and meat hammer by her side, she lay back down. It seemed to her that she was wide awake, but a sudden sharp pain in her calf woke her. She massaged the sore area and felt dampness. In the light of the Maglite she examined her leg. There appeared a small red dot with a tiny drop of blood. Spider!, she thought, as she leaped out of bed and shook out the blanket. She examined the blanket, the mattress, and under the bed, but no spider. She swept every inch of the room with light, before she returned to bed. She closed her eyes, and was asleep in minutes.

Carol sat up in bed, groggy, not knowing where she was, or what had awakened her. Then she heard it; piano music. She remembered the grand piano in the entryway. She slipped into her shoes, and with the flashlight and meat hammer, she cautiously stole her way back to the entry hall. 

Even in darkness, Carol could see there was no one at the piano, yet there was music. She played the flashlight beam over the piano. She froze. The piano keys were being played by two small severed hands. Carol dropped the flashlight and screamed. The Maglite rolled away from the horrifying scene. The music stopped. Carol backed up several steps, then retrieved the flashlight and aimed it back at the piano. The hands were gone. Carol ran to the front door and rushed outside. The cold night air slapped her in the face, as she made her way to her car.  

The End

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