The Gory Contents

Carol, her arms crossed over her chest, stood shaking. Then as the shock wore off, she focused the flashlight beam on the floor. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. A child's hand, severed at the wrist, fingers slightly curled. Carol knelt down. The little hand had slid out of the baggie. Using the flashlight she lifted the hand and turned it over. The fingertips were ragged, like a workman's gloves might be. She got to her feet, casting the light behind her, as though expecting something to be standing there.

Carol adjusted the Maglite to a wider beam and turned her attention back to the freezer. Lifting out another bag, she read the label; Arlene. She looked inside it. Another small hand, fingers curled, rough fingertips. Carol began pulling baggie after baggie out of the freezer. Karen, Judy, Brenda, Milly, Janet . All the hands were girls hands. Carol felt sick to her stomach. The Maglite flickered. Oh, my God, I have to get out of here.

With the flashlight in her left hand, and the meat hammer in her right, Carol made her way back to the stairs. She checked out the little fence at the bottom of the stairway, it was tied off on both sides. Propping the light on the stairs, she untied the cord and pulled away the fence. Retrieving a dusty text book from the floor she put it under her arm and cautiously climbed the stairs.

From the kitchen window Carol could see that the rain had stopped. Now her enemy was the darkness. She had no desire to spend the night in this eerie place, but could see no way out.  Her car had flat tires, she had no cell phone,  purse, or food. She checked for water, and was happy to see that there was water, even if it was rusty. She washed her hands in cold water, and fanned them dry.

Darkness enveloped the mansion like a shroud, only the Maglite gave a small tunnel of light. Carol made her way to the first room on her right. This was the first room she had checked on her arrival. The bed took up most of the room. Carol pulled open  dresser drawers until she found some blankets. Lying on the bare mattress, with covers pulled up to her neck, Carol stared into the darkness.

The End

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