Dr. Beaumont arrived at work promptly. The way he always did. He was never late. That too was sloppy. Dr. Beaumont was anything but sloppy.

He came in the front door, something he hated more than neighbors with stupid questions was patients that had them. He was aware that it is his job and that no question asked to a physician is completely stupid, but when a woman walks into his office and says “I had sex without a condom, but I peed afterwards that means I can’t be pregnant right?” Dr. Beaumont has nothing against children however things like that make him want to perform a mercy killing. For the child’s sake, of course. He smiled as he walked into his office and sat down. It was a picture of perfection. Everything in it’s designated spot. Everything straight and even. He had one picture on his desk. A moment caught in time he choose to always remember. His fourth birthday. The picture depicted a scene of absolute love. The only kind he’d even know. It came from his mother. Her loving arms were wrapped around his little waist as he leaned over a birthday cake to blow out the candles. He remembered that he hadn’t made a wish that year because his mother was all he needed. He placed his hand on top of the picture frame just remembering before he snapped out of it. He had work to do.

He quickly filed through some paper work before he took a look at the patient files for this afternoon. He never took morning appointments. When the lines or words in the files started the blur together a soft knock came on his door.

“Dr. Beaumont?” a mousy voice followed.

“Come in Miette,” slowly the knob of the door turned and the small woman stepped into the room. She closed the door behind her. Miette was Dr. Beaumont’s secretary. She was a thin, almost scrawny looking girl. Her hair was a dull brown color and her eyes were just as dim. She would have been beautiful had she not looked like her life had already drained from her. Which probably explained why he had no desire to see her insides.

“There is a man here from your building. He says he has some lumps that need to be looked at,” she giggled a little as she said it. Like she couldn’t help herself.

“Put him in Dr. Morty’s room,” he told her, without looking up.

“He won’t be here for another forty-five minutes,” she giggled again as if she understand. “I’ll get right on that, also your first patient is here. Her name is Elaine Denis. She’s waiting in room two,” Miette left the room closing the door behind her. Dr. Beaumont opened Miss. Denis’ file and scanned it quickly only picking up a few facts. Single, no children, history of abuse, getting a physical. It was all he needed. He closed the manila folder and stood from his chair. He slowly made his way to the room. Miette was at her desk trying to get Eriq to go to his examination room. Apparently he needed to tell her about the origin of his said lumps. Dr. Beaumont actually felt sorry for Miette. The feeling faded rather quickly. He approached the examination room he could clearly hear Miss, Denis talking on her cell phone.

“No. I will not come to see you after my appointment. Why? Because I don’t care to ever see your face again,” her phone clicked closed so he knocked on the door.

“Come in,” she called in a completely different tone. He walked in and his eyes widened. The woman was breath taking. She caused every impulse in his body to become live wires. He cleared his throat.

“Good afternoon Miss. Denis,” he reached out his hand for her to shake.

“Please, call me Elli,” she smiled.

“Well, then, Elli I see your hear for a physical. I’ll be as quick as possible so you can get out of here,” he lied, he needed to be a quick as possible before he did something stupid. Something he would regret. But there was one thing he knew for sure. Tonight he’d go hunting.

Dr. Beaumont stepped out of his silent office. He had stayed late to finish the work that had been sitting on his desk for weeks. Well, at least that’s what he told anyone who asked. In reality he had been waiting for the office to be empty. For it to be completely quite where there would be no interruptions and no one would notice the various pieces of equipment that had gone missing. He was just going to do a final check to make sure everyone had gone home for the night. It was dark. He had instructed Miette to turn off the lights when she left. Naturally her desk was empty and her light has been turned off. The same for the reception desk and every last one of the exam rooms.

He let out a contented sigh. The need was burning deep in the pit of his stomach. It was bubbling violently in his veins and his heart was pumping erratically. He needed it like it was a drug. It was his drug. The crimson liquid that poured from the new lacerations of the victims was all he craved, and for right now, was all he could possibly think about. He quickly made his way over to his brief case. He grabbed a pair of latex gloves, a protective mask, his scalpel and a bottle of chloroform. His intent was never to torture. He went outside and places his brief case and his doctors coat in his car. He changed into a pair of old scrubs from his residency days, and placed all the necessary tools into his pockets. He closed the door and started his search.

The way he picked the people he killed was non-specific. He had no M.O. It was all based on pure opportunity. Who was silly enough on that particular day to walk down an alley were the sound was minimal and the street lights were non-existent. If he never had a set type of victim, he was less likely to get caught, or even questioned. He could never be linked to them in any way. Which is exactly how he wanted it. Although if he were ever questioned he knew he could lie his way out of anything. He counted on it. He continued his labored walk around Paris. Peering down every dark deserted alley way. Eventually he’d find one, he was sure of it.

He had been walking for along the lines of twenty minutes and was far away enough from his car and office that he’d be somewhat safe. But only if he actually found somebody. Just as he was about to give up he saw her. It was all too perfect. She was heading into the east alley that fell between two abandoned buildings. The good doctor lived for situations like this one. She was beautiful and thankfully different from the last girl. Her hair was cut short in the back but hung in pointed locks just under her chin. It was a dark color. He was assuming brown because there was no light on the street. She was short, but was wearing red paten leather heels. She had on a matching red dress that formed to her body. She was obviously returning to from a party. He justified his actions to himself. If it wasn’t him it would be someone else.

He followed behind her silently. Picking up the pace as he got closer and closer. He pulled a piece of gauze and the chloroform from his pocket and quickly saturated it. He was close enough to touch her now. He reached around her head and pressed the gauze to her mouth. She fell to the ground before she had the chance to scream. Dr. Beaumont placed her lightly on the ground. She was on her back, with her arms close to her side and he legs straight. The one thing he was not into was exploiting the women. This was never something meant to rise sexual pleasure in him. He barely even found this woman attractive. He doused another piece of gauze and left it over he mouth. He hoped that the drug alone would kill her. At least he knew she would never wake up again.

He took the mask, the gloves and the scalpel from his pocket. He got himself read as quick as possible. Once the gloves were secured on his hands he pulled down the sleeve of her dress. It was such a shame he was about to ruin such a beautiful garment. He took the scalpel lightly and made his first cut right where her arm connects to her shoulders. He always liked to do the arms first. Carefully he cut through muscle and tissue until he got to the bone. He had cut precisely where the joint was. So, it was as simple as dislocating it. The blood has already started to pool around her body and was coating her hair. The thick irony fragrance made the doctor want to work faster.

He repeated the action on her other arm. Then moved down to her legs where he followed the same procedure. Cut until you find the joint. It was so much cleaner that way. By the time he was done all that was left of the woman was her head and torso. He decided not to take the head off of this one since he was pressed on time. He raised the scalpel again and cut the dress off the remaining part of the body. He placed her limbs where they would naturally be and took a step back to look. He admired his work for a moment before he delicately craved into her stomach.
“Dr. M.D” they’d find her in the morning.

The End

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