Mundane Afternoon

“Today will be a good day.” Dr. Beaumont, sung happily to himself. He was whistling a tune he was sure he’d heard somewhere, but was having trouble figuring out just where he had heard it. It didn’t bother him as much as it would another person. Trivial nothingness would not clutter his over excelling brain. He was in a good mood this morning. He knew what today’s water cooler chatter would be about. The beautiful blonde that was killed the night before. He hoped he’d get extra information. After all he never quite caught her name. Although, knowing it before hand might have pulled at his humanity. He did have some, where ever it was. He was human, and he had feelings. It was just how he executed those feelings that ultimately mattered. He wasn’t always a killer. But always had that mind set. Cats when he was a child. He hadn’t meant to kill the first one, he just wanted to know what it’s insides looked like. He liked the way it looked, the way it felt to hold someone’s life, and then take it. The look in their eyes while it drains from them. It was all he lived for. So, it was entirely ironic that he pulled on his doctor coat, to head off to work and save some lives. One life saved, for one taken away he supposed.

He looked at himself momentarily in his full-length mirror. He was an attractive man. Strong jaw line, cleft chin, dark hair and smoldering eyes. The kind a women could trust. Sometimes that worked to his advantage when he was really determined. He traced his name on his coat with his finger. Imagining that it read Dr. M.D for a moment. It was a pipe dream and he understood that. He was always careful. Never left his prints behind, nor a fiber or a hair. He never came home to wash blood down the drain and always had a solid alibi. He was a seasoned professional in this just as much as he was a doctor. He looked at himself one last time before grabbing his keys off his bed side table and sliding out the door.

He always did his best not to be seen coming out of his apartment. For no reason other than to avoid his neighbors who always had ridiculous medical questions to ask. He was not so lucky this particular morning.

“Why good morning Amato!” Eriq Faun chirped too loudly. “how are you on this beautiful day?” Dr. Beaumont did not like morning people.

“Just fine.” he answered moving quickly down the hall. Just not quick enough, Before he could press the down button for the elevator Eriq had moved in front of him. Eriq began to move painfully close to Dr. Beaumont. His warm breath was caressing his cheek. He backed up a step but the wall behind him was just not far enough away.

“I’ve got this problem, as a doctor I figured you’d be able to help me.” he started. He cocked his head left then right to make sure no one was coming down the hallway. He lowered his voice. “I have these lumps, on my genitals, is that normal?” he didn’t looked ashamed at his question and was not as mortified as the good doctor was. “Pardon me! You’ll need to take a look to get a proper assessment, won’t you.” he reached his hand down to his zipper.

“No, No that’s fine. Come by my office and I’ll have someone look at you.” Dr. Beaumont said while he hastily pressed at the down button. When the doors finally opened he rushed inside and repeatedly pressed the button that closed the doors. He could not get away fast enough. The imagine of Eriq Faun’s lumpy genitals lingered for a second. He brushed them from his mind. That list was sounding better and better by the minute.

The End

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