Carmen and John's Discovery

(True Story) This story is about a 6 year old girl named Carmen and her 7 year old cousin John. Who discover dinosaur bones.

One sunny day on the farm,Carmen and John were building volcanos in the sand.

They were getting quite tired of this so they decided to be archeologists.

They were looking for arrowheads.

When John stumbled over a rather unusual rock.

John didn't care much about this rock.

But Carmen on the other hand wanted to dig it up.

So they did!

After they pulled the heavy rock into the grassy field to examine it better Carmen found a hole in the rock.

This rock was a skull!

Carmen quickly jumped to the conclusion that it was a dinosaur bone and rushed it to her father with John running on her tail.

When they got their her dad was fixing up his jeep.

She shoved the dinosaur bone at him and shouted "Look what we found!"

Her dad said "I see you found your grandpa's old horse's bones."

Carmen was a bit disappointed untill her sadness was interrupted with her mother shouting to them "Come get some ice cream"              





The End

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