Test and TruthMature

Jess exhaled then held my arm tightly by the wrist. He ran the silver blade against my skin, the pressure increasing as he went up. Only the shock stopped me from screaming as red liquid began to show. As blood slowly trickled out the King nodded.
“Enough." Jess instantly pulled back and looked to the floor. "You ought to be more respectful girl. Jess get changed, you are to attend the Duke of Merton when he visits.”
“Yes Your Highness.” He said, bowing as did Kiara while I held my arm, then looked as the King walked away.
“Why did you do that?!” I screamed at the boy.
“Calm down.” He whispered then replaced the knife, two pouches were visible and he put the knife in the one furthest away from his left side. As he took out a white cloth Kiara took it from him and wiped my arm.
I watched my eyes not showing me the scar that should be on my arm. A faint mark was there but not too noticeable.
“It will fade in a few days. It’s just to show that you’ve been hurt. Sometimes he’s like that.” Jess explained then walked to his room and shut the door.

“Jess!” The Prince Regent’s voice rang out. I looked up from my place at the table, where three others were also sewing, then watched as Jess walked past with his usual stride. The needle pierced my hand so I instantly moved away from the fabric.
Miranda looked to me as if to say ‘it serves you right for being nosy’ then back to her work of inspecting the area.
“Yes Your Highness.” Jess’ voice echoed out then Jess waited by the doorway as the Prince Regent walked past. Miranda walked over then the two spoke a little. I suddenly stood and walked over then the two looked to me.
“What do you want? Get back to sewing.” Miranda said.
“Don’t you want me to answer first? Jess. Why did you save me and how? I’ve just realized I have no idea about that.”
Jess looked to Miranda who sighed then nodded and walked off to her station. He stepped in then leant against a wall, now even shorter than usual so I had to lower my gaze. “I was sent out to run errands then upon my arrival I was brought to the attention of a collapsed maid by a passer-by. I instantly diverted from my designated destination and found you sprawled out on your side unconscious. If you had been identified by the King as an intruder you’d have been killed so I claimed you were just overtired form the journey and that you were a servant here.”
“So who am I and where did I come from?”
“I don’t know. Didn’t I just say I found you unconscious outside the castle?” He said then excused himself for ‘Royal Duties’.

The End

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