Some Never LearnMature

Kiara looked to the door. “Good morning. Oh what’s your name?”
“Sarah.” I whispered.
“Oh yeah.”
“You’ve got a good set of lungs. I heard your scream from three doors down. Let me guess: Jess?”
“Hey that rhymes.” As the others spoke amongst each other with smiles and happiness I began to think maybe yesterday wasn’t as bad as I had thought. They seemed to forget about me answering their question. The door opened then they all looked.
“Good morning Head Maid.” They all said.
“Good morning.” I whispered.
“Hello all. Please eat up we have a busy day.”
I looked to Kiara who chuckled a little. “What?”
“We’re stressed during parties. Normally we’re quite nice.”
“Oh right. So what happened yesterday after you were chosen?”
“Nothing.” She said but remained happy and positive.
I was asked to drop off some fresh bed sheets with Kiara then we separated to do the two sides quicker. At one door I tried the handle but it was locked. I looked around but Kiara was still in one room. The door opened then Jess looked out with his hair sticking up and all ruffled.
“Uh…” I couldn’t speak. He looked so… cute. ‘Try to find the words.’ I thought to myself but the only thing that came out was: “You look so cute.”
Jess sighed heavily then shut the door.
I felt my face redden then I summoned the courage to knock again.
“Leave him alone. He doesn’t wake up until 9am.”
“Prince Regent.” I whispered then bowed a little to the man advancing down the hallway. “I was to give out fresh bed sheets.”
“Just leave them on the trolley and tell him later.”
I hesitated then took one off the pile and put it to the side. He walked past then down the corridor to the right.
I continued until I finished the rest of the rooms and walked up to Kiara.
“You look flushed. What happened?”
I opened my mouth then closed it. “Well.” I said then explained what happened.
“Oh.” Kiara giggled as we walked down then finally explained what was so funny that made her keep smiling. “He is cute I guess.”
“But… he was in my room threatening to cut off my toe.”
Kiara laughed again. “Yeah he does that.” We turned a corner then Kiara stepped to the side and bowed. I followed suit instantly. “Good Morning your Highness.” We chimed, though I whispered it.
“Have you seen my son?” He asked Kiara.
“Yes Your Highness. He is currently at the back passageway.”
“Oh again? He must learn boundaries. Royalty mustn‘t skulk around those areas.” He turned then walked off.
“He‘s a bit stuck up isn‘t he?” I snapped quietly then gasped and looked to Kiara who bit her bottom lip. The King stopped then sighed. “I apologize your Highness.”
“Jess!” He called.
A thump sounded then Jess walked up trying to tie his bow. He gave up then bowed to the King. “Yes your Highness?”
“Take your knife out of your back pocket.” He ordered after facing the boy.
I looked, as did Kiara, with shock at Jess.
Jess did so as he stood tall.
“Open it.” Jess flicked it open. I watched him closely, only glancing occasionally to the king. “Cut her left arm.” Jess’ hand shook a little. “Well?” The King asked.

The End

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