Wake Up CallMature

On the way to my room I saw Jess standing outside a room. I approached then looked to the door. “What’s going on in there?”
“Why should I tell you?” He asked, looking to me from the side. “You should just go back to your room and get some sleep.”
“What about Kiara?”
“Ask her in the morning.” Came the response instantly.
“She wont tell me.”
“How do you know?”
“I’ve asked around.”
Jess let out a sigh then faced me directly, his eyes blazed with such anger it challenged Miranda’s earlier anger in the servant’s hall. “Look drop it or you’ll be in more trouble. I’m not going to cover for you the next time. To survive here you depend on yourself and only yourself. Got it?” He whispered threateningly. I nodded once feebly. “If you want to die continue with the attitude you’re showing. Get yourself in gear or else.”
“Right.” I walked away quickly as the lock clicked.
“Jess.” The Prince Regent said from the door. Jess turned, opened the door, bowed briefly then walked in and shut the door behind him. The door locked again.

I lay on my back staring at the ceiling of the room. Tomorrow I’d be better than today as I wanted to keep this room as well as stay on the good side of Jess. He and Miranda would terrify even the most iron hearted of people.
I let out a sigh then closed my eyes, my whole body relaxed then I fell into a dreamless sleep, mainly due to exhaustion, without thinking another thing.

“Wake up.” A voice snapped. Trying to place it while also still asleep I frowned a little. “If you don’t I’ll cut off your toe.”
“Wha‘?” I managed to say.
“I said I would cut off your toe if you didn’t wake up.”
“Who are you?”
“I’m Jess. The boy who can decide punishments remember? You have to get breakfast and set up for the Royal Family who dine at 7.”
“Hmm. What time is it?” I asked as I turned to hug the quilt I had kicked off due to it being too warm. As I felt no quilt I opened my eyes. A blurry figure was crouched, I could barely recognise the shape of a head then two black holes.
“It’s now time to cut off a toe.” A knife flicked up then I flinched and rolled off the bed. The thump sounded out then Jess chuckled, making me angry, before he walked to the side and watched me try to stand.
“Oi Shorty you oughtn’t laugh at me.” I muttered then waited for his reply, waiting for some smart alec comment using posh words. None came then I rubbed my eyes and looked.

The End

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