Freshening UpMature

"Jess!” Miranda called then the figure’s dark eyes locked onto her. “How’d it go?” Her voice had definitely decreased in anger and was now soft towards the advancing person. They wore a pair of black trousers with a dark blue tunic tied with a lighter blue belt. Instead of the flat, tatty black shoes the other two wore, on their feet were boots with slight heels and intricate laces. 

“It went well I believe Miranda, you know most of their vocabulary ranges higher then my own knowledge.” Jess replied with their soft voice barely being heard. “I apologize for keeping you in charge of the … girl for so long.”
What was with the pause? I looked to my clothes, a pair of muddy tights with holes scattered up them and a dress also torn was all I wore.
“Well you’d better deal with her before the King wishes to dine.”
“Of course. Thank you for taking care of… her.”
Yet again a pause. I frowned a little but it was noticed by Miranda instantly.
“Do not scowl like that. You should be grateful Jess took you in.” I was hauled to my feet after her statement then I looked to Jess who know looked so much different.
As I got stable the shorter figure advanced, dark blue hair just reaching past his elbows while tied back with a blue bow.

We seemed to advance down the same hallway a few times, I began to wonder if my guide was lost or just tiring me out so I couldn’t argue.
“Jess do you have the time?” A girl called from a doorway, frantically smoothing down her short hair.
“I suggest you use your observational skills to determine that for yourself.” Jess replied then continued despite having stopped for only a few seconds. The girl glared at me with a flustered look about her then glanced to a wall clock before nodding and rushing down the corridor.
At a draughty end of the long corridor we got to a dark door.
“What’s your name?” Jess asked me.
“I can’t remember.” I whispered in response.
“I see. Sarah is a … girl’s name. That shall be your name.”
“Why do you pause before saying ‘her’ or ‘girl’?”
“You needn’t concern yourself with knowing that.” Jess explained then opened a door. Inside was a bright room with a large bed, small bedside table and a dresser with a mirror. I stepped in, looking around to a large cupboard out of sight of the doorway
“Is… is this for me?” I asked, looking around in a state of awe. 
“It will be your accommodation for as long as I believe you deserve it.” Jess stated. “You may wash and wear any of the clothing that fits within the wardrobe. It has all been washed so do not worry about that.” As soon as Jess was out of the room the door was slammed shut.
I smiled broadly then hugged myself before realising I really did smell quite bad.

Although it was small and the water lukewarm, the bath was the best I had ever had. I think. I took some time to consider why I was in this spotless castle full of servants who were angry to others, respectful to royalty and mutual to certain other members of staff. They had stated I was dragged from outside and my clothes showed how I had clearly fallen somehow yet none of my body hurt. What was my name? Where did I come from? Why is none of this familiar?
I stepped into the main room after cleaning the bath tub and held the small towel to cover my private areas as I looked into the wardrobe. While trapping the towel with my arms I used my now free hands to open the wardrobe then my smile faded.
Dresses, but ones I had never before seen according to my memory, were hung up. I took out a pair of trousers then one of the light blue dresses.
After changing I looked for a belt but found none in any of the drawers. I went to the door and opened it then looked around. Standing still opposite the door was the young girl, Kiara, watching me.
“Uh hello.” I whispered.
“I was told to wait for you then to escort you to the servant’s hall.” Kiara whispered just as quietly. “The Head Maid says to make sure you wear the flat shoes and d…” She stopped talking as she looked to my legs. I looked down then back to Kiara. “You are not female?”
“You wear trousers, they are to be worn only by those who are male.”
“Oh really?” I didn’t realize they were like this so I shut the door nd took them off quickly before grabbing a pair of flat shoes and slipping them over the pair of short socks I had found.
Kiara glanced me over once then nodded and led the way towards the servant‘s hall. “You are to be given a brown belt and to act as a maid. Of course you shall not be given any important jobs, just those that require little skill.” She explained as she walked.
“Okay.” I replied then looked as she stopped and bowed forwards slightly. My eyes scanned the area then locked onto an older man wearing the same style of ostentatious robes the men before had. I was pushed down swiftly by Kiara then the man passed without giving us a second glance. As I stood Kiara exhaled.
“Who was that?”
“The Prince Regent, Casper Von Buren.” Kiara whispered as we walked on. “If you seen anyone wearing robes you must bow and avert your gaze until they pass. Also: do not speak unless told to answer a question.” I nodded then looked as she let me into a room.

The End

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