Unfamiliar SurroundingsMature

A young girl is found and looked after but who is she and where is she from? Even she doesn't know. This is her quest of finding out about herself and the mysterious family she finds herself employed with.

I opened my eyes , the unfamiliar feel of the hard, cold floor waking me from a restless sleep. As I glanced around the immediate area from my position, which from what I could tell was sat up leaning against a wall, I saw: a set of four rectangular tables with benches either side and a chair on the smaller end. Each table had a dark blue table cloth thrown over it and elegant cutlery laid out straight beside silver dishes. Large goblets were positioned almost precisely the same way as the other goblets and everything was neatly aligned. Clunking sounding further up, my eyes wondered to the noise but the noise originated from a source further than my peripheral vision allowed. I used my cold hands to press against the hard, tiled floor and push myself up. It was more difficult than I had imagined as my elbows bent back and I fell, the slight decrease still hurt as I hit the ground heavily.

“Ow.” I instinctively whispered then rubbed the small of my back.
“Oh you’re up are you? About time. I was getting bored of waiting.” A female’s voice said, an undertone of anger and detest immediately grabbing my attention.
I looked to the speaker who was on my immediate left then tilted my head up to look. A tall female with a thin body and short black hair watched me with piercing blue eyes. She wore a long, light blue dress with a gold piece of cloth around her thin waist. Being careful so as not to upset her even further I considered my words carefully.
“Um hello, I’m sorry but I’m not too sure what happened.” I whispered, my voice cracking halfway through. As I covered my mouth to cough the woman seemed to sigh heavily but I couldn’t hear clearly.
She waited impatiently as I cleared my throat then looked back up. “Now you’re quite finished: I am Miranda the head maid of the Royal Family. You were found outside and dragged in here to regain consciousness until Jess was free.”
“Where is here?”
Again the woman sighed. “The main hall of Caringsdon Castle, home of the current King and Queen. I guess you don’t know where that is either?”
I shook my head, Miranda let out an exasperated sighed. “I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve forgotten everything.”
“Well don’t. You are in the Realm of Norga, Northern territory of the continent of Herdia.”
“Right.” I said, my lack of confidence annoyed the woman as she huffed then looked around.
“Where is that useless servant?” Miranda muttered mainly to herself. “Have you seen any sightings of Jess on your way here Kiara?” She asked a younger female who wore the same colour dress but with a brown ‘belt’ around her waist. Her short brown hair bounced as she halted and looked in the direction of me and Miranda, her brown eyes locking onto me. “It’s a human being Kiara. Have you seen Jess?”
“Not yet, I think they’re just finishing the dictation of letters now though Head Maid.” She said then moved swiftly to the kitchen. Kiara also looked thin and pale just like Miranda.
“Good, then you’ll be out of the way. I suppose you do have a name?” Miranda asked me in her snappy tone.
“Yes um…” I did have a name. Didn’t I? As no names except the two mentioned previously filled my mind my eyes darted to my left foot. “What’s my name?” I whispered to myself but Miranda took it upon herself to answer despite the obviousness of my rhetorical statement.
“How should I know? I’m the one asking to be informed of it.” She said then looked as two doors opened.
Men in richly coloured, quality robes walked away from the hall while a young figure held a tray full of: paper, folded letters, a wax seal. a pot of wax, an ink well and four quills. They advanced towards the hall then through two large, ornate oak doors and through to a small office. Using their elbow the handle was pushed down then the door opened with a soft push by the person’s foot. The figure disappeared through and moments later they reappeared with only the letters in sealed envelopes in their hand.

The End

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