Careful planning

What worried Kailyn the most about last night's date was all the scenarios that didn't happen but should have happened. All day long, she beat herself up for not saying this, or for not doing that. Words, phrases and sarcasims always come to her after the fact.

"Why can I never seem to say the right thing at the right time?" she wondered aloud, making her dog, Max, look up in interest. "You think he'll call?" she asked Max, scratching his head playfully.

Glancing out the window, Kailyn thought again to the end of the night when Ben brought her back to her house. All she had to do was casually ask if he had plans for next Thursday night. But when Ben said he'd had fun and hoped to see her again, Kailyn agreed, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and said goodnight, fumbling with the doorknob as Max barked loudly from the other side.

"What kind of dog do you have?" Ben asked. "I love dogs."

"Oh, he's a Doberman," Kailyn replied, putting her body between the door and Max. "But he's not very people-friendly. I'm working on changing that," she said, smiling nervously.

"Oh, OK," Ben said, glancing at his car. "Well, I guess I should be going. Can I call you later?"

"Of course," Kailyn said, shoving Max back with her foot as she braced herself against the doorframe. "Thanks again for tonight."

"You bet. Have a good night." Ben turned and walked slowly back to his car. He looked over his shoulder when he heard Kailyn shut the door and yell at Max to be quiet. What he didn't hear was her telling the dog she wished Ben had kissed her goodnight.

Kailyn was brought back to reality when she heard her cell phone ring. She jumped up to answer it but was too late. Missed call, her cell reported. She sighed and checked the missed number. Ben. Hmmm, she thought. "Guess who, Max," she said to the dog, who wagged his tail in response. "He called."

The phone vibrated, telling Kailyn she had new voicemail. She hit the call button and listened. After hanging up, she sat down next to Max and pondered what Ben had said.

"Hey, Kailyn, it's Ben. I had a great time last night. Thanks for listening to all my stupid jokes and actually laughing at some of them. You are great to talk to, and I would love to see you again sometime soon. Give me a call when you are free. Let's set something up. Goodbye."

I'm great to talk to? she thought excitedly. Wow, I thought I said pretty mundane things all night. Whew. "He must like me," she told Max, who had crawled onto her lap for more attention. "And I just happen to have tickets to the game Thursday. But I should wait to call him back, right? I mean, I don't want to look desperate or anything." She petted Max, then shoved him off her lap and went into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine.

"I'll call him tomorrow," she said, curling up on the couch and opening a book. "That way, I have time to choose my words carefully."

The End

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