[Careful; I might Bite.] Chapter Nine.Mature

                  At precisely seven 'oclock, I finally made it upstairs to my room. A sigh escaped my lips as I slumped onto the bed covers, in a rather un-lady like manner. What a day ...

                   It was nice to have met Anna, Vivien, everybody. But I wasn't used to being around so many people - school seemed so pointless to me before and I couldn't help feel out of place. More than usual, I mean.

                    As soon as I had left last lesson, agreeing to see Anna and Belle in Art Class tomorrow, I got in the backseat of the car and was looking forward to relaxing a bit. Jay and his annoying ego had to have his say though. I believe I started ignoring him after the question, ' So, how many boys moved in for a feel today then?'. Ironically, it was only him that had.

                     When we both walked through the front door of the manor, we were tackled down by the excited youngen' that was Gillian. According to her, Mr and Mrs Harfield had just headed off for an important meeting at the local hall; leaving us to keep Gillian occupied until they got back. Jay's face fell, as if this happened often - then he replaced the frown with a playful smile as the little girl requested to play Hide and Seek.

                      Oh, one game. They won't be long.

                     That one game stretched over at least two hours. How this managed to hold her attention, I did not know. The hiding places grew more creative as the time passed - my favourite had to be the coat closet; there were so many I thought I'd be impossible to find! Gillian had craftily squeezed herself into the washing machine and Jay hid behind a shower curtain for a good twenty minutes.

                    Seline and her husband returned roughly at five, balancing three or four pizza's in their arms. Ham and Pineapple, Pepperoni, Cheese and Hot 'n' Spicy: our efforts had not been wasted. Tucking in, I admittedly ate a whole pizza; the tummy ache that followed, I probably deserved. Should have just eaten the goddamn pasty.

                   Because I hadn't bothered even un-wrapping the food, Dean took it upon himself to eat it - "Waste not, want not.". Vivien voiced what we all were thinking. Honestly, you're like a pig. You never stop!

                  Darren slipped into my mind as I stared silently up at the ceiling. It made no sense. I had hardly spoken much to him at all and it felt like he considered me as something stuck to the bottem of his shoe. The only half-nice thing he did was offer his food. He made it look like a chore, not an act of kindness. His attitude rattled my anger ... and my guilt.

                   This is what my previous foster families must have thought about me. I never appreciated anything that they did for me or gave me - simply rolled my eyes and carried on taking it out on them.

                  My hands clenched into fists and in one frenzied movement, my knuckles collided with bed-side table. A large dent and a throbbing feeling in my right hand. Ow. This normal thing is harder than I thought it would be.

                  Out of the corner of my eye, a ray of white light shone through the bay window, as the Moon peeked out from behind the clouds. It had grown darker.

                    The myth that whenever the Moon appears, a werewolf will turn, is exactly that: a myth. A load of bull. The only way it's associated with our kind - or, well ... in my case, is that this hour causes me to be more energetic and free. When I used to live in Liverpool, I loved to dare myself into situations: Dart across the building roofs at midnight, risking being seen; run, with two legs or four, until I was left gasping for breath.

                     That was how I felt. Right now. Having been cooped up in school, inside, almost all day, could you blame me? I wanted to explore. But ... I can't be doing stuff like that anymore. What if Seline or Mr Harfield discovered that I left? I'd be sent packing, and whether Steph will take me back again is unclear. This was supposed to be a chance at change, the sweet Angel on my shoulder was telling me.

                      You won't be long. Ten minutes, fifteen tops. No-one need know, the horned devil on the other whispered.

                        Gently opening the window with practised precision, my choice was made. A look, from left to right, outside and I jumped to the ground, my crouch absorbing the impact easily. Time for some real fun.



The End

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