[Careful; I might Bite.] Chapter Eight.Mature

                            His eyes shot up as soon as my own rested upon his figure; they smoldered behind the dark fringe covering his forehead. Irises the colour of smoke and a pale complection. He was thin but not incredibly so. Leaning his elbows on the table, his hands knotted together, he tilted his head at my entrance.

                            Once I had gotten over the shock, I no longer felt like the prey, on edge and bursting to flee. Just cautious, maybe even curious.

                            "Oh, you're Ruby! Hi, I'm Vivien," The perky girl that had waved us over immediately bounced up to shake my hand, and to my suprise, hug me. "But everyone calls me Viv." I stood there awkwardly, Anna chuckling under her breath.

                            "Let the new kid breathe." An auburn-haired boy relinquished Viv of her hold on me. Tall and contrastingly more inviting than Mr Smoke-eyes. With one hand wrapped around her waist, he offered his other to shake mine. "Please do excuse the midget. She gets excited easily. The name's Dean."

                           "Hey, I'm not a midget! I'm fun sized." She half-heartedly nudged him between the ribs. My lips quirked up at the corners. Fun sized - that did pretty much describe her.

                            "Ow ... abuse!" He shrieked, catching the attention of several students on the nearby tables.

                            "As you can see, we've got all the 'most likely to be institutionalised' people." The strawberry-blonde said, in between munching on an apple.

                            "I second that," Anna laughed. "That's Belle, that's Alex." She pointed; Belle smiled and the tanned boy sat beside her, texting ferosciously on his mobile, I presume was Alex. He waved apprehensively, then returned to the device.

                               "And, last but definately not least," She continued. " Darren." At the mention of his name, he nodded in my direction. I immitated the gesture, perhaps more curtly. Is he normally this grumpy?

                                "Not a man of many words is our Darren." Dean smirked, patting the silent boys' head. The fact that as soon as he did so, he darted out of punching range confirmed that, Yes. He was definately this grumpy.

                                "The mysterious, dark type." Belle winked, jokingly, pushing out her chest lustily. The slightly bewildered expression that she recieved back made it much funnier.

                                  "Ahem, boyfriend in hearing distance." Alex coughed.

                                   "Darlin', she don't care. 'Cause ..." Vivien then broke out into a familiar rhythm. " ... She's a Man-eaterrr, make ya buy cars, make ya cut cards, wish you'd never ever met her at all !" She sang loudly to Maneater by Nelly Furtado, shaking her hips from side to side.

                                  "Ugh, sit down quick, before she starts stripping." Her palm missed Dean's face by millimetres. The last free space was next to the one person that could blow my whole cover; my instincts kicked in by merely seeing him. I sighed internally, then sat on the chair. Everyone had brought their own snack - baguettes, pasta pots, salad. It was either that or food poisoning. Anna soon noticed my lack of eating anything.

                                  "Hey, you want a sandwich?" She asked. "Cheese and tomato. God bless Mum." I shook my head, giving the excuse I'm not really that hungry anyway. Which was true, I guess. Hunger didn't affect me as it should. Simply a small inconveniance.

                                  "Here." A pasty, still in it's packaging, dropped onto my lap. Darren stood behind me, his bag hanging from one shoulder. I hadn't heard him get up ...

                                   "It's alright, I don't need it. Thanks though."

                                   He shrugged. "It's not like I'm gonna eat it." Without another word, he turned, walking towards the exit. Gone.





The End

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