[Careful; I might Bite.] Chapter Seven.Mature

                       "And voila! Theatre Studies, Ms Evans." Anna introduced the classroom with a flourish of her arms.

                       She had tapped me on the shoulder before leaving Homeroom and offered to show me to my lessons; made sense, considering this was also her destination. It's not like I could say no.

                      I learned alot about her suprisingly, in the short time it took us to manoeuver through the crowds - all looking at me as if I had grown an extra head or something. She didn't seem to mind my brief comments and responses to her chit-chat, and I was happy to listen.

                     There were three main subjects that Anna had a passion for expressing her opinion on: Music, the rubbish quality of the food in the Canteen, and how un-justified it was that her brother had more free period's than her,despite being in the same year.

                     "Thanks." I smiled at her enthusiasm.

                     "No problemo. You can sit by me, if you like. Used to be Darren's seat before he dropped this class."

                    "Darren?" I followed her into the middle of the room, where a small cluster of tables and chairs were. All empty. "We early?

                   "Nah, we were lucky to get through the beginning of a hallway traffic jam, that's all, The rest will be here soon," She explained, dumping her rucksack on the floor." Darren's a mate of mine. Bit quiet but when around the guys? God, they're animals." We both chuckled until eleven or twelve students entered, and finally, Ms Evans. A bush of curly hair, a skinny frame ... wrapped up in a purple jacket/ pencil skirt combination. A perplexed sideways look sent us into a fit of giggles all over again - and earning us a stern mental scolding from her.

                    As the sections of the course were listed, my mind soon slipped into 'Back in Five Minutes' mode. Ugh, why was I cursed with the attention span of a spoon?

                    Not to mention the bigger, wierder, furrier issue.



                Anna had not been kidding about the Canteen food. Or ... whatever it was the staff served up. I made out something that could have once been pasta, sickly green and orange vegetables and a rather creepy-looking lump of mashed potato. Needless to say, I left the Line with a clean plate.

                 "Hey Anna! Get yo' cute little butt over here, girl!" My ears immediately signaled out the shout among the buzz of voices. Near the back of the Canteen, a cappucino-skinned girl was waving us over, almost jumping in her seat.

                 "Alright, don't have a heart attack!" Anna rolled her eyes, fondly. "You wanna come eat at my table?"  She asked. I nodded - better than sitting by myself - and was about to go with her, when two hands gripped my hips from behind. I nearly snarled.

              "First day goin' okay, sweetie?" Jay's cocky voice whispered in my ear.

             "Sure. Until you came along." I flung his arms away, but he merely laughed.

            "Oh, don't be so harsh." He winked, then brought his attention to Anna. Although, it was a very different reaction. "Nox." He muttered.

            "Harfield." She sneered. I stared, curiosly, at the obvious dislike. Tense, much?

            "See you in the car, Ruby." A smirk my way, and he was gone, closely tailed by the group of love-sick worshippers that were never more than a few feet away.

            "Living with Harfield. Poor you." Anna glared at Jay's back. The thing was? She generally seemed serious. She shrugged, as if brushing the encounter from her mind.     

          "C'mon. Time to meet the gang."

          Following her, we gradually arrived at 'her table'. Before noticing any other faces, one - hidden away at the side - caught my eye. Shock and fear overpowered my senses.

         The boy from the front yard.           


The End

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