[Careful; I might Bite.] Chapter Six.Mature

                          "Well Ruby, take a seat over there. And welcome to Violet Hill." Mr Newbower gestured to the only available seat, in the bottem right corner of the classroom. Front row; home to Jay, three rugby-built boys, each portraying that disgusting look that confirms they're currently undressing you in their minds, and five of the most made-up girls I had ever laid eyes on. They had also somehow managed to sluttify the uniform. Great, I'm being thrown to the wolves; no pun intended.

                             Every face was on me as I shifted inbetween the tables to my place. I imagined my expression to be blank - it had always helped me before when I didn't really want to be noticed. Or when I wanted to simply ignore the world. I knew that if I let the stares get to me, I wouldn't last an hour here.

                              But, what if the strategy that had gotten me through teenage life so far doesn't work in this place? Maybe ... being friendly wouldn't hurt. Who wants to be a complete loner, for crying out loud?

                               I smiled, apprehensively at the petite, baby blonde girl who was sat at my table. Her mascara-smudged eyes hardly acknowledged that I was there. Charming. Jay peeked my way and smirked, then turned to the front as Mr Newbower began the register.

                                "Harley Brooke?"

                                 "Here." A voice from the back squeeked.

                                  "Rob Carter?"

                                   "Here, Sir." Rob turned out to be one of the lads in the front. A hazel crop, strong jawline and probably believes he is God's gift for women. A quick wink in my direction, as if he read my thoughts exactly.

                                     "Brianne Cudlip?" The platinum-blonde haired of the five girls, sat next to Jay, replied, "Present.". Using fancy words won't get you any closer to screwing him, I mentally aimed at Brianne. And on and on the list went. Judging from the banter as the hour droned on, homeroom was a free period at the start of the day. A handy time to complete last minute work.

                                 Suddenly, something light hit the back of my head. My automatic reaction was to flare up. What the? I turned around to meet the innocent face of the girl behind me. I raised an eyebrow, but she merely pointed to the scrunched up paper ball that had flown at me. Through her bangs, a playful glint in her eye flashed. Unfolding it, words in a neat handwriting jumped out from the white crinkled surface.

                                 Hard being the new kid, huh? Been there, done it, got the certificate XD. Just sayin, if ya need any help getting around, i'm here. Nice to see a new face for once. From, the wierd gal sat behind you. Can also be referred to as Anna.

                                 I couldn't stop myself - I cracked a smile, mainly at the last bit. She smiled with me. Guess making friends isn't as hard as I thought. Out of the corner of my vision, I saw Jay look over again, frowning at the little exchange. What's his problem?




The End

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