CARE - so much stronger than love when shared by two beings. but how so easily breakable...

if i could tell you, articulate words to express my feelings for you, i don't think i would. what we have is unspoken, and we should leave it that way. (then again, maybe my head is playing tricks on me, but i like to think we are something.)

i know you're going to leave. and i know it's going to hurt me. but i have to thank you for saving me and for teaching me how to do what i never had the courage to do on my own.
you taught me one of the most important thing in life: i'm better off alone.

you're the last person that i'm letting in, therefore even after you leave i'll remember you. you'll be forever in my memories. after you're gone, i'll keep what you gave me and i'll cherish it. and i'll apply it as long as i'm here. i'll CARE about you until my end...

The End

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