I guess- I guess? How should I start this.

I guess that we outgrew each other like old cardigans

or something like that. Because when I tried you back on

you were tight and uncomfortable and

the buttons were bulging.

Did I put some weight on, or

where you just a bad fit in the first place?


I guess you can say it's my fault-right?

I mean, it was summer and it was

way too hot to wear long-sleeves,

so I threw you in the back of my closet

to lay next to all the rest of my

skeletons, my memories. I guess

I just forgot about you.


So here I am trying to squeeze into something

that is so far-gone that it's laughable.

I mean, here's this guy trying to fit

into a sweater far too small for him, 

his struggling is ridiculous.

Screw styles and trends, and

all of the other things in life that propel

me from inertia because

You reek of mothballs and neglect.

I really miss you.

The End

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