could Li have feelings for me?Mature

Today we went to the cave. Maddison and others vanshed, the Li started fading. I caught the erast card. I tried giving it to Li but he refused. The next day we're invited to a party. Li finally gets the  courage to ask me to dance with him and i accpet it.

I'm never going to know why he doen't like me that much but i've got a feeling that eventully he will tell me that me likes me. Once we've finshed dancing, we both walk away.

In my dream: I hear a knock on the door and open it. To my surprise, its Li! He stands there, looking at me, holding a buch of cherry blossomes for me! I smile back at him, a bit warily and hug him. Then Jullian comes and Li runs away.

stay tuned for more..

The End

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