Card captors (what could of happend)Mature

Sakura and Li meet, in a dream. They have to work together to capture the cards. will they tell each other their ture feelings toward one another? read on to find out...

I'm very good at sports. I'm a cheerleader and love it when its sports day. My friend Kero is yellow, and looks like a teddy bear with wings who is a gurdian beast fof the clow cards. Which i released when i opened the book, saw the windy card and read "windy?". From that moment on my life would never be the same again.So far I've got windy,fly,shadow,water,wood,rain,jump,Illusion,Thunder,Sword,shield,power and Mist. Li has Time.  I'm Sakura and I'm going to show what could have happen while i was capturing clow cards. 1. I think that Li should have asked me to dance around the bonfire before Julien did. My best friend is Maddison and Her mum was friends with my mum so we're probbalt destined to be friends. Li is, well he's a boy with brown hair just like me and well he doen't like me, he thinks i shouldn't be a card captor. ButI think he's got a crush on me...

Anyway i'm somewhere in the woods, right now with Kero. The wind is howling in my ears.(by the Kero's going to do his Kero's corner later now!) I'm wearing a blue outfit with a wizard blue hat. Maddison is with me and she's got a pink cloak on.

Li is here too, while me and kero are holding to a tree in the strong wind, He trys his best to fight the wind. I captured the storm card but it went to Li istead of me!

Find out if me and Li go on a date, stay tuned..







The End

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