An overexcited, dumpy man wearing a face mask -commonly worn in Hong Kong because of the awful pollution that had stalled city growth and tourism- babbled away on screen, and Eve ignored him.

It wasn't until a picture appeared on screen that Eve's eyes flickered back to the TV. It was a scan of a paper print out of a photograph, an out of date media that was rarley used anymore.

Five faces smiled up at her from the screen. A man, face weathered with sun and eyes crinkled up from smiling, stood next to who she assumed was his wife. She was busty, with excellent posture and a strong, pretty face, also creased with age.

In front of them, sat on a pair of old hard backed chairs were a much younger couple. The woman sported the same dark hair and strong feautres of the older lady, and was obviously her daughter.

Her husband had his arm slung around her shoulders, and he looked like the proudest, happiest man in the world. Apart from that, he was very ordinary, sporting a pair of bright blue eyes and very white teeth.

However, the face Eve was drawn to the most was that of the tiny baby in the arms of the younger woman.

It only looked perhaps five months old, and it was unfortunate enough to have a black mother and a white father.

Eve was sympathetic. In these times, being mixed-race was the end of the line. Slavery was the only option, except for those who were higher born.

This baby wasn't higher born, but it's eyes were so exactly like it's fathers, startling blue, contrasting with it's perfect, unblemished creamy caramel skin.  


The End

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