Car Crash Victim.

A motor vehicle makes contact with another object in an unruly manor. Could the man in control of the vehicle be a cad?

I am gripping so very tight the wheel of my fast car. I feel the impulses from the car coming into my hands, driving into my mind the many possible interpretations of the roads and verge surfaces. I feel around the wheel, sometimes loose, slackening my grip, for what seems like long milliseconds. Where i can almost visual events stretching in time, searching for an effective turn of the steering wheel. I loose control. Sweat. Fear. Dread. Creaking noise and crunching metal sounds enter and leave my senses still arriving at my sense of speed as varispeed. Time kinda disappears or looses its relevance for me. I accept full danger is directly ahead. The only option I have is to permit my body to go limp. Smash.

The End

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