"Have you been sent by..." she gulped before she said the next bit "them?" she directed the question at him but she did not want to know the answer.

"Yes" he responded smiling slighty, "My name is Gerald and I am here to take payment for the help the cleaners have given you. Do you have it?".

She could not believe he was saying this all so calmly. Besides she still had two weeks to gather all the neccesary ingredients to provide the payment.

"Your early, I was not expecting someone for another two weeks." Her voice shook as she spoke. She thought for a moment, maybe she was wrong, maybe he was on time and she had got the date wrong.

"You are right there is twelve days left in this world before the payment is due but I have been sent to remind you. You would not want to lose all that you have achieved now would you?" Gerald remained motionless and without a sign of emotion on his smooth handsome face.

" Oh...well...I have not got it all but I shall have the payment ready soon" She stuttered afraid that the lack of payment would upset the visitor but he showed no change in temperment. He remained emotionless.

"Good. Be sure to get right on them ingredients, time has a knack for moving faster when you need it to move slower." Gerald said in his calm voice. " I will drop in another time to check on you. I do not like my charges to be unable to pay up so please pay heed to my warning."

"Okay I will get right on it" she said trying to make him go away as soon as possible. She had much more imporant things to do like meet Kieran or check on Michelle and her new baby Calum.

"Very well, but remember Catherine the cleaners do not like to be taken lightly. They helped you and now you owe them, they will spare no mercy if you do not provide the payment" and with that Gerald faded into nothingness.

Catherine was left  alone again in the park. She sat down and thought what her next move would be. Where was she going to get that blood stone and timberwood seed. The last two ingredients and the hardest two to find also.

The End

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