Capturing the Sun


She swung in a lilting whirl in the sun; her dress fluttering with motion.  Her skin glowing and her hair a burnished red floated down her back.  When you got close to her, you saw that she wasn't pretty.  At least, not in the typical way.  She wasn't skinny, she didn't have dimples and she didn't wear makeup.  But she was happy.  God, she was happy.

It had been years of work, but she'd made it.  She knew it, and for that, she was in this park dancing in the sun.  She worked hard for what she accomplished and no one could take that away from her.  The sun bathed her body with radient heat and she did another little dance before she saw him.

He was sitting on a bench, looking and staring at her as she danced.  She hadn't seen him before and she had come to this park often.  Usually to study or write, she hadn't danced in it before today.  Uneasily, she looked around, and noticed that they were the only two in the park.  She frowned, and the happiness in her face dimmed.

The End

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