Captured And Tortured

This is something I wrote recently, sitting in Physics class.
It's light-hearted and my official last piece of 2009!
Just like my other stuff, it's not great, or even that good...
But I hope it gets a chuckle out of ya!!!! ^_^

I can feel it, as it slowly sinks in,

Through my veins, straight to my brain.

My eyes glaze over, my body starts to writhe.

It affects me in ways unknown before!


Every bone, every muscle, every distressed cell,

Begs me to try and escape this fate;

But I'm held down, compelled by force,

To stay, to suffer, to slowly die!


I look around me, to distract myself,

To stop the ever-increasing numbness.

I start in shock, seeing for the first time,

Others around me, faces contorted, also in pain.


My teacher's yell, piercing, calling my name,

Distarcts me from all the tedium.

Everyday, I go through this -- to no purpose --

Agonizing metal torture of boredom!

The End

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