Captain of PeakMature

Dante pulled his gun up tight towards his chest and stood fast against the wall. He leaned out slightly to take in the compound ahead of him. There were buildings surrounding a derelict courtyard littered with sandbags, walls and bodies.

The front looked clear and as far as he could tell there was no movement in the buildings. Running fast with his head down he dived towards a pile of fallen sand bags.

"What are you doing you fool. You have just thrown yourself into some shit here" he mumbled under his breath, Hitting his hand against his helmet and cursing his own stupidity.

A click came from the a few feet away and dante swung up. A loud crack fired through the air and his helmet was suddenly covered in Red.

A loud claxon sounded and Dante took off his helmet, looking at the red paint that covered it. "Dam it!"

Fador stood infront of him proudely smiling to himself. "Sir i must say that was not your best round"

"Really Fador? I thought it was one of my better ones. At least i didn't trip over the darn bodies this time. I mean are those things real" Dante leaned and Prodded one.

"Far from it sir, they are merely very life like"

They both turned and headed towards the exit of the training room.

The End

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