I really wonder why more people don't make use of the night hours. There's eight hours every night of the year, wasted by all the sleeping people. Eight hours of no traffic, no lineups, no people watching from their windows. The whole side of this world is fast asleep, breathing in slow rhythms, dreaming strange dreams. 

Think about it. There's 24 hours in a day, not just 8. If half the world was awake at night, factories and businesses would run 2-3 times as many hours in a year, even if everybody took weekends off. Rush hour traffic would be cut in half, because half the people would be going in the opposite direction. In fact, if businesses staggered their hours, there would be no such thing as traffic jams, except for the ones caused by accidents or whatever. Burglars would never have a good time to steal, because people would always be watching.

And think of the efficiency! Two people on opposite sleep patterns could share a bed, house, car - because one would always be sleeping while the other was awake. They wouldn't even have to know one another. The only problem it wouldn't solve is world hunger, because food would still take just as much time to grow. 

Insomniacs have been given the gift of time. Do you know how much you can get done with a few extra hours in the day? I know that losing sleep is bad for your immune system and metabolism, or whatever. Actually, I guess if they're going to die sooner, they haven't really got any more time than other people, it's just more concentrated. And they're usually too tired and frustrated to use it efficiently. 

Anyway, my point is, Why does everybody have to sleep at night? People just assume that that's the only way to do it. Science has proven that humans do need sleep, I won't refute that. But I think insomniacs are just people who were born nocturnal - like cats and owls - and are trying to overcome their body's natural rhythm, like left-handed people trying to write with their right hand, or gay people trying to be straight. 

Maybe that's a bit presumptuous to generalize for all insomniacs. I feel very keenly for people with insomnia. There's nothing more painful than an ailment you can't escape from for even a few hours in blissful unconsciousness, and nobody understands and everybody feels sorry for you or is annoyed by your laziness. It can be hell. 

And here I am, a nocturnal person, expected to sleep at night and be awake during the day because that's what "normal" people do. 

I think all people should have the right to sleep whenever is natural for them. Isn't freedom the ultimate goal of this country? The right to vote, the right to love, and the right to sleep. Or not. 

The End

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