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While this is not a story, it is more of a comment. This site is for people to get their stories out there right? This is the story of my opinion on why some things have been taken too far, the most recent one being Twilight. Thus, I have made a group on Facebook called Twilight Vs. Reality. The description for my group is the 'story' you are about to read. Pardon any spelling errors. The Backspace button on my keyboard is trash because I'm not on my laptop.

I have chosen the side of Reality. For anyone who shares my feelings or views, help me bring sense back to the minds of today's morons. Every Anti-Twilight group on the internet consists of the words 'it sucks' or something of that sort in the title. At least here we have actual arguments.

Much like the Harry Potter series, Twilight and the continuous add-ons have brought up the literacy rate significantly, to the point where it's at its highest. However, much like the annoying Trekkies who claim to speak Klingon and the "One Ring to Rule Them All" junkies who speak Elven, Twilight has spawned a new generation of loser and wannabe. They're too emotional to be Goth's yet far too pathetic to be called Emo. They are these self-proclaimed 'Twilight Groupies'; a group with whom I would consider standing in line from Minight til 5am for the movie just to argue with.

Stephanie Mayer knew what she was doing by getting into the girl mind (being one helps) and creating 'Twilight'. She knew what girls wanted to hear and how to convey the message, no matter how cheesy it is. Though, truthfully, the story of a Vampire boy who rebels and fights his own kind after falling in love with a Human girl has never really be done before, it already seems cliché, which is the very reason that it has yet to be done. To put it simply, the idea was overdone before it was even done. Much like the over-protective father that we all joke about--you know, the one who has a shotgun ready for any guy who dates his daughter in any good ol'dating joke--Twilight in itself is a cliché; not to mention that Bella's father actually loads and cocks a shotgun before meeting Edward--another cliché. One could use Archetypal Criticism here to describe the sterotypical characters such as the 'Warrior' or the 'Femme Fatale'. Carl Gustav Jung, a student of the great Sigmund Freud knew exactly what I am talking about. Look him up sometime.

Edward also metions that he'd never felt such a way for a human before. Isn't he like, 100 years old? In all honesty, he's full of it. As a single teenage boy, I'll tell you exactly what's going through his mind. There is many a flaw in the novel as well. If I saw a quiet, lonely girl at my high-school with Kristen's looks, I'd be alll over that. They really shouldn't have cast her as Bella. That's not to sound creepy in the slightest; she's attractive. Another one is the stupid illisuion she creates. I'm talking about the sex-before-marriage thingy. Of course they only have sex once married. *Start sarcasme* We didn't notice that she was subtley trying to get that message across for young girls *End sarcasme*. Good on her for converying that message, but seriously, wake up and smell the crack. Girls are being promiscuous more and more than ever before because times are changing...I, personally, blame rap music...but really, sex has become so meaningless in today's society, thogh I'll grant you that it is a point for you if you did wait til marriage. Personally, I think people should wait until they are ready, regardless on whether or not they actually stay with that person. In essence, I'm for anything as long as it's not rape or prostitution..

One of the very many annoyances of Twilight is the constant discussion. Two great examples of this can be Halo series as well as Final Fantasy VII and its various spin-offs. Those two video games were good, though not as good as people we portraying, and became overrated fast, much like the story of Bella and Edward (let it die, already). The constant over-discussion of Mayer's novel has becaome so annoying, that teachers in my high-school forbid any student to use Twilight as well as its three sequels for any form of book study or response paper. The constant talk about the novel has even sparked pathetic girls to cut their hair in the style of Alice and others--trust me, I laughed my ass off at some Emos at a recent high-school danceas they argued which one looked more like her. Further examples of this can actually be attributed to physical appearance. I have dark skin and long, dark brown hair. Girls constantly tell me that I resemble Jacob and that I'm quite attractive. (Sorry, no picture available-site does not feature this yet.)

Matter of fact, the books have become so arbitrarily annoying that there's basically advertising for it everwhere! I found an image while retrieving the URL for the comparison picture (which I now learned images cannot be posted...yet). It has a picture of Jacob and Edward and says "Who has the bigger bite?"  What is the point of Photobucket putting this up?  Natalie Nicole Gilbert recently released a Twilight-tribute entitled 'Breathing Hope (Twilight Carlisle Cullen Tribute)'  song. Like, that's a frigging money-grab and a half. We get it, stop putting this shit in our faces...It's bad enough that we still have the Jonas Brothers flaunting their chastity...

Question: If Twilight never came out, would they stil think such of me?

My Answer: As much as I'd love to take the compliment (it's a compliment?) it's annoying as hell.

Are these girls so lonely that they must associate themselves with and only with those who have resemblence or are interested in the stories/characters? There are only so many times that I can use the word 'Pathetic' without it getting repetitive so until I get off my ass and gab a Thesaurus to find a synonym, you'll all just have to bear with it.

Twilight, a good book (though in my opinion ruined by having 1st-person narration) paints a fantasy-world for young girls.

People Tell me all the time: "She's the first one to make the 1-st person view constantly change! She's so creative!" 

To which my response is always: "Umm, have you ever read Bram Stoker's Dracula?"

They also tell me: "She's the first one to portray Werewolves as shape-shifters"

To which all I have to say is : Look up the Vampire lore. Werewolves were always shape-shifters. Ever hear of something called the Curse of the Werewolf or something along those lines? Well, Vampires could change into anything from a bat to a spider but when they chose to be a Wolf, they were never again able to turn into anything else and became werewolves.

Ever see 'Live at Much: Twilight'? The cast of the movie showed up in Toronto, Ontario for interviews and the turnout of the female populous was something that would rival a Backstreetboys concert (while we still gave a damn). For though who caught it, did anyone notice who got the most attention? Robert; no one cared about the lovely Kristen Stewart or the other two. It's at the point where people are posers. No one gave a damn about Robert when he held the role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, yet he comes to be Edward (who he looks nothing like, might I add) and all of a sudden people care. The same can be said for Kristen who had amazing roles in The Messengers, Panic Room and Catch That Kid--even as the only female in Zathura. To put it in brutal persepctive, before she was cast as Belle Swan, she had all of aprox. 28,000 fans on Facebook. The week Twilight came out in theatres her Facebook fan list surpassed 200,000. The 28,000 original fans--like myself--who were fans before the movie are the true fans. The ones after the fact are nothing but pathetic posers. It's sad that I have to some online statistics but hey, it gets the point across.

This is not her break-through role. Trust me;I've seen every movie she'ss been in. This is not the turning point of her life. She showed obvious talent before to have been picked.

On a side note, the constant wall posts on the Kristen Stewart fan page regarding the fact that she and Robert would be 'such a great couple' is yet again nothing more than a pathetic comment by someone who's living in a dream world. In all honesty, her reali-life boyfriend, Michael Angarano looks more like one would imagine Edward would appeare than Robert. Granted, we all know they the casting of Edward was fucked up. But seriously, do these losers ever wonder how Kristen and others feel when such said comments are made as to their on-screen/off-screen relationships? Recently on eTalk (episode dated/aired on May 14th, 2009) their 'Twilight Trackers' followed Robert to his birthday celebration and commented on how 'nothing romantic happened between the two' (the two being Kristen and Robert). The media is taking this too far. They are, for lack of better terms, portrayer her as a slut. They're making it seem as though there is an 'affaire' between her and Pattinson. They recently had to look into rumors that the two were hoking up, and these rumors were only silenced when her boyfriend showed up in Vancouver to spend some time with her and was photographed. Like, really? Do we honestly have to stoop to the level of high-school drama queens and gossipersFuck off, grow up and get real.


Feel free to create a branch in response. Put your username in the title like mine (Capracanis:) then add a title to it (Twilight Vs. Reality).

The End

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