Canvas is blank.......but not for long.

I woke up this morning and sheer panic hit me.

My mind was totally blank.

Nothing there, just a big empty space where my ideas usually hide out.

I had nothing to say and no stories to tell. No quips to write, I couldn’t even think of a joke to crack something that normally comes quite naturally to me. So it must have been bad.

I had forgotten what I had for dinner, and what I had half heartedly watched on TV last night.

I went to bed the same time as usual, at least I think I did!!

I tried in vain to piece together at least a string of words, to make a sentence sound interesting. Words with meaning, but nothing came out right and didn’t sound like it should.

All my creative urges gone, washed out in my sleep. I think I left them in my pillow or maybe in my dreams. But I can’t even think what the heck I dreamed of last night.

But thankfully it was only temporary, as I sat, this afternoon in a café after work. Watching the shoppers rushing by.

The old couple arguing about what to buy. The man being dragged around the mall by his wife, wishing he was spending a Saturday morning playing golf with his friends.

The woman struggling with a new born screaming in the pram, and a wayward two year old running off at every chance.

Then there is the guy coming out of Victoria’s Secret, looking shiftily both ways. Stuffing his purchases in the bag with the big name on, straight into his jacket were no one can see it. I laugh to myself thinking ‘ for his wife or lover?’

Ha ha there is so much to tell, from everyday life. Thankfully this blank canvas was only a blip.

The End

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