Can't Escape My FateMature

Fanfiction for all those Escape the Fate fans out there. Basically, out of pure luck, a nineteen year old girl, named Skyelah, is saved from drowning, by the current vocalist of Escape the Fate, one night. From then on, a love that was bad for both of them started to blossom. (Bad summary, I know)

Chapter One:

Pretty Little Loner

(Skyelah's POV)


I sucked in a deep breath, as my eyes ran over the mass of water that had been turned black by the night. The reflection of the half-moon glinted lazily in one part of the waves.  I closed my eyes, as I dropped my towel, and stood, in the soft warm summer night air, wearing only a bikini - that was too small for me. And then, as the wave came in, it brushed over my feet, leaving specks of sand covering my toes.

   Once I was waist deep, I waited for the next wave, and then I jumped in, letting the water conceal my entire body.

   My name is Skyelah Thompson, and I am nineteen. I'm that strange girl, who, instead of spending her time shopping, like normal teenage girls, I spend the majority of my time, listening to loud metal music, reading, or drawing, in a dark room. I don't really hate people, I'm just scared of people hating me. And so, I don't talk to anyone, other than my roommate, and best friend, Alicia. For some reason, though, I absolutely loved a place that is usually scattered with people; the beach. That's why I was here, at twelve o'clock at night, swimming, out to the deep part of the beach.

   But, just as I was revelling in being alone in my favourite, place, a set of headlights flew over the beach, and turned off, parked in the parking lot up the stairs. I cursed, and swam out, further, hoping they wouldn't come into the water.

   And then I looked around, and saw, that in my panic, I had swum myself, right into the middle of  a rip. It's strange, because, even though the beach is my favourite place, my greatest fear? It happens to be drowning.

   I had no time to do anything but let a half finished shriek of "Help!" escape my lips. And then the water concealead me against my will. the last thing I saw was the man in the moon, smilling teasingly down at me.

   And then I blacked out.


Authors Note: Okay, really short chapter, but, in all fairness, I DID write it during class, so, I had to deviate between work and writting, yeah, not that fun.

The End

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