Candy's StoryMature

this is about a girl named candy who falls in love please rate please

"Hey Candy," said Sarah. "What are you going to do today?"

Candy did not know, so she scratched her chin. "Well I was going to go to Drew's house but I think he is not home right now so if u want we can go see a video..."

Sarah said, "okay. First let's go to the mall."

They went to the mall, and they were sitting in the ice cream shop when they suddenly saw a cute guy walk in with some friends. "Oh that guy is hoooot," said Candy.

"But Candy," said Sarah, "You are dating Drew."

Candy said, "Oh well," and she began to flirt with him. Candy did not really care, she had gone from boy to boy her whole life. But this boy seemed different.

"Do you want to go see a video with me and Sarah?" she asked. The boy said, "No, but I will meet you at the park in 3 hours." The boy's name was Willy.

So after the video, Candy went to the park to see Willy. Drew still did not know. When she saw him sitting on the swings, he was reading a book, but he put it down when he saw her. "Oh Candy," he said, and they kissed.

"I will have to break up with Drew so we can date," Candy said.

"Okay," said Willy. And that was the beginning.

The End

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