The Gathering

When I got close enough to see the gathering, I thought they looked creepy. I knew I was being stupid but I felt a strange sense of foreboding. There was a tall woman with shoulder length wavy black hair. She wore an inky black suit and dark, pointy shoes. She looked as hard as nails and I felt as though if she spoke the words would lash you. The woman also looked very smart, as if she knew what she was doing. Her clawlike hands tenaciously grasped her small black handbag.

The second woman was short and plump. Her black overcoat covered everything other than her black leggings and comfortable looking coal black shoes. Her ebony hair was twisted up into a knot. She did not look as smart as the other woman, if anything she looked small and slightly pathetic. I wouldn't have been surprised if she was entirely under the first woman's thumb though she was rather older than the first woman. The third woman looked just as smart as the first, but at least she wasn't all black. Though she too was in mourning, her hair was a light brown, straight, and clipped close to her head like a guy's.

The man standing next to her looked slightly older. He had grey hair and a grey beard and looked a bit nervous. I wondered if his wife, as I assumed she must be, always bossed him about. The second man was the least creepy. He had short, light brown curls and wore glasses. He was almost as tall as the first woman, whom he was standing beside. I was suddenly very sorry for both men, without realising why. As I approached, the second woman turned and looked askance at me. I felt very uncomfortable. I was so sure it was after dark that cemeteries would be creepy, not now. The first woman turned. Her eyes locked on me and she whispered something to the second who nodded automatically.

The first woman turned and started walking towards me. I wondered if she knew I had been the dead man's girlfriend. I wondered if she was jealous, if she had an irrational hatred for me. Suddenly I was rooted to the spot, terrified. I couldn't move. I could only stare in horror as she came closer and closer, unable to pull my eyes away from hers. Suddenly another woman broke away from the gathering and hurried towards me. Taking my hand, she pulled me away from the woman I was so terrified of. She hurried me away from the gathering and back towards my lover's grave. The first woman looked annoyed but shrugged and turned to rejoin her friends.

I whispered "thanks".

"Don't mention it". My saviour's voice was soft and musical. I looked up into soft brown eyes. She looked only about 21. Her ebony hair was braided and she too wore mourning but she didn't look half as creepy as the other women.

The End

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