Chapter Six

9:45 pm Cemetery

My heart is pounding. I'm supposed to meet Drew here at the cemetery. Detective Anderson has me hooked up on some kind of recording device. They are staked out like a drunk in a car feigning sleep. He's concerned I might be next in the serial killings. Better safe than sorry.

I just have to stay calm. Keep it together... for Emma's sake, for my sake!

Your here early baby.” Drew said as he walked out of the mist that was surrounding the area.

Jumping in fright I turned and faced him.

Scared?” Drew wrapped his arms around me.

Just a little.”

I never thought you were one who could get scared.” he laughed.

I'm glad I could make you laugh.”

Same. Come one, your surprise is waiting deeper into the cemetery.”


Drew led me almost into the heart of the cemetery which where the oldest headstones where.

Take nice deep breaths. Don't do anything that would be considered strange Claire. Take nice deep breaths.

Just as we pass a large headstones that had an angel kneeling as if in prayer and there was Drew's surprise was a blanket was set up with Panda Express and cans of sprite with all around the blanket and on a couple of headstones were candles. Nice thick candles that were already dripping wax.


Like it?”

Yes. I even love the candle light to it. Kind of spooky though.”

Why?” Drew moved his hands so one was in my hand and the other was on my hip.

Well, the C.L.M, for all we know could be creeping up on us.”

I don't think he will be.”


Because, if he decides to show up I'll teach him a lesson.”

You will?”

Yes. Now can we eat? Talking about m-the C.L.M isn't a good topic to talk about while you're on a date, even in the light.”

Sitting down on one end of the blanket so my face was in the direction of the detectives, Drew started to serve.



Have you ever loved an other girl before me?”

Drew looked up from serving the food. “Why?”

I just want to know. I won't hate you or anything, I just want to know.”

Only two.”


Yep. One was in fourth grade and the other one was in Tenth.”

What where their names?”

The one in tenth was Rebecca Loyalty. And the one in fourth was,” he state my plate in front of me. “I don't remember her name.”

Emma came into mine and Drew's life in fourth grade. It has to be Emma!

For the next ten minutes me and Drew talked about petty things mostly of the sea.

If I could have been anything I would have been a Selkie.” Drew said all of a sudden.

What's that?”

A Selkie?”


Selkies are humans that have the skin of a seal and when they take off their seal skin they can come on land and enchant any human.”



And why would you want to be one?”

Because then I could take the girl that had my heart into the sea and we could live happy every after.”


Sighing Drew stood up. “No.”

Trying to look shocked didn't need to take any trying. I was shocked. “who then?”


Emma? But Emma's been dead for a whole day now.”

Claire, she's not.”

Yes she is! The C.L.M murdered her!”

Claire, he didn't.” Drew got off the blanket and moved t words me.

Yes he did!”

Claire, you want to know two screacte?”

What are they?” I looked up at Drew.

One, I'm the C.L.M and two I didn't kill Emma. We staged it.”


We couldn't stay away from each other any more. We have to be together and so after I get rid of you, we'll be going off to Italy.”

Then who's Branwen?”

Branwen? Where did you hear that name?” Drew took another step twords me.

I found Emma's phone and I heard the name on the saved voice mail. It didn't make sense since that was Emma's phone.”

Branwen was the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The Aphrodite of the North you could say. And Emma made me think of Branwen.”

I still don't understand.”

Not surprised. But I don't have any more time to deal with you. Our plane leaves at midnight.”

What's going to happen to me?”

I'll have to get rid of you, since you know to much. I can't have you running to the police and telling them what you know. If you want to make this an interesting death you can try to run.”

But you'll catch me before I get help, am I right?”

Yes. But go ahead, run.” With that I took off running, pass Drew and to the Detectives.

Everything seemed to sharpen. Shadows became more darker, the whites and faded grays stood out like diamonds on black velvet and the grass seemed like the darkest of emeralds.

All I could hear was my feet hitting the ground which sounded like thunder right before the illumination of lightning lit up the sky for a second. My heart sounded like the waves crashing down in white foam.

Claire! You better run faster or I’ll catch you!” Drew yelled as I run right passed stone child sitting by a lamb.

My adrenalin kicked up a notch causing me to run faster.

I've always wanted to know how a Gazelle felt when it's being chased by a lion, I just wish I wasn't running away in the same life or death chase. I thought. Then up a head, I could see the Detectives. They still looked asleep, but I couldn't be sure if they hadn’t fallen asleep or not.

I open my mouth to scream when someone slammed into me and pined me to the ground. Drew was breathing hard just not as hard as I was.

I. got. You. Claire.” Drew smiled. A smile that was warm, sweet, evil and menacing.

HELP!” I used every vocal cord and what little oxygen that I could get.

Drew slapped me. “Quiet. I can make this quick and easy or I could make this slow and painful. I'm good with ether one, but it all depends on you.”

That's what I could say to you, Candle Light Murderer.” A voice said.

Drew turned around just as Detective Button kicked him in the ribs. Drew fell off of me and was holding his ribs and gasping for breath.

Miss. Jones, are you all right?” Detective Anderson asked as he helped me slowly sit up. Detective Button was busy keeping Drew down as he called the police.

Yes. He just knocked me down, that's all.”

Just take it easy. We don't know if you've had a concussion or not. The police and an ambulance will be here in five minutes.” Detective Button said as Drew let out an other moan.


Five minutes later the police came and so did two ambulance. I was checked for a concussion or anything else. I was fine, but Drew had a bruised rib.

As I was being checked Detective Anderson received a call. He spoke with who ever was on the other line then gave the phone to Detective Button.

Miss. Jones?”

Please call me Claire, Detective Anderson.”

As you wish. Claire, the police have found Emma and she's alright.”

What do you mean?”

Apparently Drew and Emma had managed to pull of her death and she was living at his house. They where going to leave at 1am after Drew had killed you. The police have Emma in custody.”

What's going to happen to her?”

Most likely she's going to serve jail time for helping plan murder. But other then that I don't know.”

And Drew?”

I don't know. It all depends on what the Judge says. But for killing two girls, and failed murder on you, I don't want to think about what might happen. Nor do I want you too.”

Alright. So is there anything I need to do before I can go home?”

You just have to tell the police all that happened.”


You'll be alright then?”

Yes I will.”

Detective Anderson left and then Detective Button came up to me.

Are you all right?”


Detective Button nodded then started to walk off, but paused.

Would you like me to come and check on you next Thursday?”

Are you asking me on a date?”

If you want to call it that, then yes.”

What time?”

Say around seven.”


Until then, Miss Jones.”


Claire.” Detective Button gave me a nod and what looked like a smile and then walked away.

The End

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