Chapter Three

A few hours later, and by 6:30 Drew had dyed his hair a deep black and I had set some brown rice and a couple of boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a rice cooker and set in to be finished in two hours. Then I started to do my long and hard Pre. Calculus homework.

A few minutes later Drew sat down next to me on the sofa after having spent the last five minutes checking to make sure that he had got every last blond hair from the top of his scalp to his eyebrows.

When is that due?”

Next week.”

Then why are you working on it?”

Because I'm the type of person that does work when I get it.”

Fine.” slouching down he grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” turned on.



Can you please turn it off?”

Nope.” Drew's eyes where glued to the TV.

Fine.” I slammed my book close and grabbed the remote from him.


Hay is for horses and cows too.”

Can you pass me the remote?”

Can you give me a good reason why I should.”

Because you love me.”

I love you enough to say 'no.'” I stood up

Clarie, please give me the remote.” Drew started to stand up

No.” And with that Drew stood up and lunged at me. Squealing with laughter I tried to get out of the way, but his long arms grabbed me and in tackled me. Landing on the ground didn't hurt. But what did hurt was when he pined me down, making sure that I couldn't move my arms or legs.

Ha. I've got you and now I can do whatever I want to you.”

But you won't.”

Drew's eyes got an evil look. “Who ever said that I won't? I said I can do whatever I want to you.” I couldn't help it I let out a squeak of fear. “But I won't. Since after all, you are to wonderful, perfect and beautiful to hurt.” Drew took the remote from me and stood up. Just as Drew bent down to help me up a loud knock sounded on the door.

Who could that be?”

What time is it?” I tried to see the clock that was on top of the TV. But apparently being on the ground makes it hard to see things up high.


That's the detectives! Drew help me up please.”

Drew helped me up and I jogged to the door. Opening the door I saw the worried expressions of both Detectives.

Are you all right Miss Jones? We heard yelling.” Detective Anderson asked his eyes scanning my face.

Yes I am alright. I was just yelling at my boyfriend to help me up.”

You have a boyfriend?” Detective Button asked.

Yes I do. Now would you please come in?”

Yes we will. Do we have to take off our shoes?”

Just wipe the bottom of your soles on the mat and you won't have to.”

Alright.” Both detectives came in and did as I had asked. Then leading them into the living room Drew stood up.

I guess I’ll be leaving then.”

If you don't mind we would also like to ask you any questions.” Detective Anderson said as he sat on the rocking chair.


Drew sat back down after giving the detectives a look of distrust and patted the seat next to him and I walked over. The only one to remain standing, even though there where enough seats for all of us to sit, was Detective Button and he started the interrogation.

Clair, how long have you known Emma?”

Ever since we were ten.”

So that would be about eleven years then?”


Was there anything that she did that would make any one hate her or even want to kill her?” He pulled out a note pad.

No. She was a very peaceful person. She didn't like to argue but when she did she was always right.”


Yes. Emma was more of the quiet type. She enjoyed listening and gathering information about everything she could.”

I see. Did she have any siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins?”

She didn't have any siblings. She had two aunts, three uncles and about six cousins that were around her same age and one around three.”

What about her parents?”

Her mom was from Oregon and her dad was from Texas. They met when they both were at UVU. Her mom was a freshman and her dad was a junior at the time. They got married when her dad finished collage and she was born five years and twelve days after her mom graduated from UVU.”

How many friends did Emma have growing up?”



It was around ten.”


Ya. Emma was always shy around people and most of the time she was reading.”

How did you to become friends.”

We became friends when I 'rescued' her from the class bully.”

Did she have a boyfriend?”

One. He moved to Thailand. And then...Oh, never mind”

What? Why?”

It was only him and his dad. His dad was in the military and he'd always take him.”

Did he have any family?”

It was only him, his mom and dad.”

You just mentioned his mom. What happened to her?”

All I know is that she died in a car crash when he was six. That's all he ever said about her.”

I see. So what about the “never mind”?”

Oh, this past week I thought maybe she had a new boyfriend, but she never mentioned anything and now... well... it doesn't matter.”

Why was Emma out last night?” Detective Anderson asked and this time it was Drew who spoke up.

Emma had this thing where once a week she would go out at night and spend some time with just herself. She would usually go and see a movie or go to a free concert. It was her way of saying 'Good job in school.'”

And you know this because?”

We followed her once since we couldn't think of anything to do that night.”

Where did she go?”

She went to 'Shakespeare in the Park.'”

Which is?”

A group of people put on one of Shakespeare's plays and preform it in the park in front of an audience.”

What was the play?”



For the next half hour they questioned me and Drew about Emma. Finally after what felt like a lifetime they left. I had just closed the door and the timer for dinner beeped.

Hungry?” I asked Drew as I went into the kitchen to serve up dinner.

“Enough to eat a medium sized Elephant.”

The End

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