Candle Light Murderer

Claire Jones best friend has been found murdered by the Candle Light Murderer. (C.L.M)


Every light started to flicker in the abandoned warehouse, but Emma quickly understood that what at first seemed to be random flickering was actually a message in Morse code. “You can run, but you can't hide from the Candle Light Murderer (CLM).” Emma ran even faster through the halls of the warehouse and the shadows lengthened to reach her, to catch her and hold her until she met her doom.

She ran into room hoping that somehow she would soon find the door that would get her away from this place to safety. The room she ran into only had one door and that was the door she had just run through.

Where are you girl?” a chocolaty smooth voice called from the long hallway just outside the room. Emma quickly, but lightly, ran into the darkest corner she could get to. Holding her breath she heard the words of the man slowly come towards the room where she was hiding.

For a moment there was silence and Emma’s heart rate jumped. Where was he and how much longer do I have to live? All of a sudden the C.L.M. was standing in the door way with a crooked smile.

Here you are dear Emma. I’ve been looking around for you and I was afraid that you had left.”

Emma let out a squeak as the man walked closer. “What are you going to do to me?” she asked as he knelt in front of her.

I’m going to make you a manikin, cloth you in silks and velvets and then send you off to a store that is in need of a red haired manikin.” He gently brushed some of her red hair behind her ears. “And everyone will be able to look at your beautiful face.” Then he flick a match across a match box and lit the candle.

Emma felt her emerald colored eyes go wide. “It’s, it’s you.”

Yes it is me.” Brushing his blond hair from out his eyes the C.L.M watched as his candle started to melt.

Why are you doing this?”

Because its fun, and I make a lot of money out of this. But mostly it’s for fun.”

Emma focused her eyes on the candle that he held in his hand. “And what’s the candle for?”

Laughter erupted from the man. “What do you think it’s for?”

Helping you see in the dark?”

Ha. Hardly, it’s for making my manikin. Everything I use is a hundred percent natural and can be found in your local store.”

How much longer do I have?”

Minutes... seconds.” His calculating eyes looked into hers.

Emma felt her heart contract and her lungs start to close up. Why did it have to be him? Why couldn’t it be an old man like how it is in those old movies? And why did it have to be me that had to get murdered.

What are you thinking about?” he nonchalantly asked.

Right now?” she quivered in response.

Yes.” he replied with a smile.

Every happy moment in my life.”

Such as?”

If Emma could see his eyebrows she would bet the twenty-five cent ring she faithfully wore on her left pinkie, that she was wearing that it would be raised.

Such as meeting Claire, holding my baby cousin, seeing my high school diploma and others.”

Any of me?”

Like I’d be able to think of anything happy about you.”

Very well, good bye Emma, I’ll tell Claire that you thought of her just before you died.”

With that Emma Allen’s world went black.

The End

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