Candle Light

In a world controled by darkness the people live without hope and without happiness. Generations have grown up in the darkness, being taught to fear it. But all it takes is one single person, big or small, stong or weak to stand up and say no before the whole world follows.

Candle light


“Nanny, Nanny, tell me a story.” Lexi chirped as she flung herself at her Nan’s feet.

“Calm down Lexi.” Her Nan replied as she chuckled to herself. Lexi sat with two round wide eyes staring up at her Nan.

“Ok my dear, a story.” Her Nan paused for as seconds as she thought.

Lexi shuffled forwards a little before settling.

“I have the perfect one…” Her Nan said as a smile began to spread across her face.

“Once upon a time there was a land where there was only darkness. There were children that lived there that couldn’t even remember seeing the sun.


The darkness swirled and devoured every single piece of light that it could find. And it always found every single bit of light. Every single form of light and hope was extinguished in a matter of seconds, ripped from the people’s small innocent hands and throw into the ever growing darkness.

The people were left alone, scared and helpless with no hope, haunted day in and day out by their fears.

The darkness changed people. It took away happiness and love. It left people defenceless against the horrors of the world.  

Many had stepped up and tried to defeat the darkness themselves. Knights, kings, soldiers and villages alike had tried and failed, one by one, until there was no one left brave enough or stupid enough to stand up to it anymore.

So the villagers had a choice to make: live knowing that you would live in fear for the rest of your life, or die, knowing that you would be free, but ultimately, dead.

The only way that you can live in this world is if you know that one day, in the future things just might change, change for the better, and everything will be ok. Without that hope what makes life worth living?

Even if you have convinced yourself and everyone else around you that it is never going to happen that there is no hope left, even then there is that little light inside of you that never really quite turns off, it never gives up.

Without hope there is nothing that you can hold on to when times get hard. There is no reason to believe in tomorrow, so why waste today doing something that won’t make a difference tomorrow, because the sky will still be black, the stars will still be hiding, and everywhere you look there will still be the putrid sight of fear.

The darkness had been building for days now. There was no way to out run it and nowhere safe to hide from it. It was hopeless. Once alive and full of life and excitement now just lay cold and alone.

The sun no longer rose to show the coming of a new day, the moon no longer shone above the small stone houses giving light in the darkness. Everything was silent, no birds sang, there was no laughter, no singing that brought the forest and trees to life. There was just the never ending silence of all those who had given up and given in.


No one talked for fear that the darkness would hear them. They feared the darkness above anything else. They lived their lives in fear and silence, never smiling, never laughing, and never dreaming.

It wasn’t long until people began to give up for good. They let the darkness take over them, they let the fear control their lives. The adults used to try and fight it, they used to hold onto their hope, try and let the kids know there was something left in this retched world left to hope for, but finally the darkness broke them too.

The children lay awake at night trying to remember what the sun looked like and what laughter sounded like. But as each endless day passed it became harder and harder to remember. Slowly even they forgot how to laugh and smile, and then their imagination and everything special that a child is began to disappear, just as the adult’s had.

That day the children went to school as usual, the adult’s carried out their chores and the darkness watched every single one of them. The playground was overgrown and silent; no children played on the swings, or ran around. All the flowers had died and the cold air was harsh.

Yet somewhere in the darkness there was one light. One single tiny, insignificant light that the darkness hadn’t broken.


A small frail, once ill little girl stood alone and watched everyone, watched their pale emotionless faces as they just stood there, like a statue, constantly worrying if the darkness was watching them.

The thing that made this little girl stand out was the fact that she remembered, when everyone else in the world had forgotten she remembered. Remembered what it was like to live, to not have to pull away from people, to hide your face. She remembered what living was like, and she missed it.

She sat in the classroom with all the other children staring at the board. Watching the teacher write some words using chalk on a black board, when something caught her eye. Something that she hadn’t seen for such a long time. She knew in the back of her mind what it was, but she had almost forgotten completely what they looked like.

It was a flower. In all this darkness a single flower had managed to stay alive, it managed to grow. It was weak and colourless, but it was alive, it managed to survive without sunlight, without any help, it managed to defeat its darkness. The greatest power in the world had completely wiped out the sun and any happiness, and yet amongst it all a flower still managed to grow.

Something sparked inside of her. Something that she thought she would never feel again. Her whole body started to feel warm, her cheeks turned red and her eyes lit up.


She felt like she wanted to dance and sing, and laugh, and play and have just be a child again. And then just like that she remembered the most wonderful thing in the world, she remembered how to laugh. She couldn’t believe that she had forgotten it in the first place.

She jumped to her feet and started to laugh. The whole class turned to face her. The teacher begged her to stop; for fear that the darkness would hear her and punish her. But she wouldn’t stop. She laughed harder and louder than she had ever done before.

The children stared at her in horror. She looked at them, every single last one of them and just said remember. Remember how to laugh, how to smile, how to have fun, remember how to live again.

The children looked to one another, confused, not knowing what to do, how to react. It was not long before they too stood up and started to laugh. The room began to grow brighter, the children’s faces were alive and full of colour and they had smiles on their faces.

The classroom began to light up, soon the laughter spread throughout the school. The light began to spread across fields and houses and rose up into the sky. Slowly the sun began to break through the darkness. The children stared speechless as their little innocent eyes took in what their village had become because of the darkness.

Suddenly the light was wiped form the sky, like someone blowing out a candle flame. She could feel it coming, and so could they, everyone could feel the darkness coming; feel its power, its anger. Children began to flee from her side, but still, still she remained. Her laughter silenced now, but still she stood. She didn’t turn and run, she stayed perfectly still.

She knew she needed something stronger. The darkness was made out of hate and fear, it fed of it. But if there was no hate and fear in the world then the darkness would die.

Images of herself began to flash into her mind. Images of her alone, of her scared and upset. She was so small, how could she do anything? She was just too small. A voice kept repeating over and over again in her mind. But she took the stand. Out of everyone in her villages and the villages for miles around, she, the smallest most scared little girl was the one to stand up first. She was the one to make the first step.

Slowly she opened her mouth. A sound so full of life, and excitement, and hope filled the air. She sang so loud and so sweetly it spread across meadows and through the forest, down the hills, along the streams and into everyone’s ears.

No one had ever heard anything like it. As she began to sing people started to emerge out of the shadows and into the light. The little girl picked up a candle struck a match. Then she lit the candle and held it out in front of her and looked around.

The people in the darkness turned to see where this sound was coming from. All they saw was a single flickering light in the darkness, a candle light. In all this darkness a candle light was the only thing to be seen. So small and insignificant in the glare of the light, but so powerful in the darkness.

Gradually the darkness started to wear her down. She was getting weaker and weaker, but still she sang strong and fearless. She sang true and proud.

In the last second before she let go a sound like nothing anyone in the world had ever heard before began to rumble and echo in the hills, it ran through the streams and rivers, it flowed in the wind, it spurted out of the ground like new flowers, it flew with the eagles as they soared through the skies.

Everything was alive and fighting back. The sound of the people’s voices reached into every corner of darkness. All around her people started to light candles and hold them up high into the sky.

A great crack of thunder echoed thought the skies. Tiny screams echoed throughout the darkness, but were soon overtaken by the sheer power of everyone singing. The little girl picked herself up and joined in the singing once again.


She looked down at the floor; there on the darkened floor was her candle, it was now broken and without a flame. She sighed and looked up to the sky again and sang, louder and stronger than anyone else around her.

She felt something warm near her hand as a boy handed her a lit candle. She took it and together, together the villages sang, and sang and sang until there was no darkness left, just the hot blazing sun to bring hope and light to them.


 In the end, it didn’t take someone big and strong to save them, it took someone who was brave, who held onto hope, when everyone else around them let it slide away. Someone who never ever gave up!

And so the story is told of how a single candle light in a world of darkness could spread hope and faith to everyone in the world.

It is still said that when the darkness of the night comes and the moon’s shine can’t reach you the song of the candle light can be heard whispering hope and faith in the wind to you, until you can find the light."

The End

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