I remember the day.Mature

I remember the day. Though it doesn't seem real. We found out she had breast cancer and I was sat, as I usually am, at my desk on a Tuesday afternoon. We had awaited the results and they had finally come. And even though you think that it will be okay, when it's not, you're not entirely sure how to react, how you're supposed to react.

I tried not to let the sick feeling take over. I sat at my desk absentmindedly for at least another half an hour before I couldn't take the sick feeling in my stomach any longer. I got up. I grabbed my handbag. And I stepped out of the office without saying a word.


As I reached the car, I started to cry. Relieved that I didn't have to do it in the office. I put the key in the ignition, blurry eyed. Put it into first. And sped off to pick up Dan.

The End

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