Canadian Ice

heart broken ice hockey player needs to get his game back

When the teams coach pulled him aside to ‘‘talk’’ he hung his head in mortification feeling terrible for causing his teams grief. Ethan’s team mates, if they’d noticed, didn’t say anything but it was clear to him that his on-ice antics were beginning to cost them wins. His game didn’t experience an immediate fall after the break up. It got worse gradually, a bad pass here, a missed shot there.

‘‘I know it must be hard to focus wholly on the game but you need to try and put it, her behind you’’

‘‘I’ll try. I’m sorry’’ his accent coming out stronger in his anguish.

‘‘Listen the break is coming up you should go and see your family I know you miss them as much as you enjoy being here.’’

Ethan nodded numbly starting to feel unaccountably drained and weary. Flying home to Canada would strain him bodily but could be beneficial to his mood. Coach dismissed him and Ethan proceeded to the locker room to shower. As he soaped his head his thoughts kept wandering to Kate. He’d honestly thought they were a match made in heaven. She was a fan of ice-hockey, funny, pleasant and good-looking. They’d been utterly in love. Well that’s what he’d thought but she’d ended up ripping his heart into shreds about four months ago. He admitted that it may not have been the most ideal relationship with him traveling around to play but she’d known that when they met. For her to use that as the reason she couldn’t be with him hurt.

‘‘I don’t understand why you’d rather spend time playing that stupid game than being with me’’ had been her last remark before leaving. It had stung to say the least.

It wasn’t relevant anymore. What was important was getting his head in to the game and playing at his best.

The End

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