Can You Walk the Walk?

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I would like you to stop and think for a moment about your current state of mind.  Do you have a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)or aNegative Mental Attitude (NMA)?

Whatever the answer is, are you either ‘WALKING THE WALK, or‘TALKING THE TALK’’?

Yes indeed confusing!  So which one of these are you portraying?  I guess you are now having to think further, and no doubt needing a little more time for the answer.

Let me help you out.  Many of us are in fact ‘TALKING THE TALK’, and not doing the former, ‘WALKING THE WALK.  Still confusing right?  What this means is that
you are doing the talking and not following up with actions that portray a PMA.

Think about it!  Whenever things are going in a steady flowing motion, you are in a state of ‘Walking the WALK.  In this case, what you say, and the actions that are taken – MATCH!!  You are in sync and harmony!  You are likely to feel nothing is impossible.  You are PRACTISING WHAT YOU PREACH! This attitude will inevitably attract your heart’s desire.

 Having a Positive Mental Attitude is: Love, peace, laughter, energetic, better, unafraid, optimistic, encouraging, constructive, caring, sharing, bright, brilliant,
beautiful, happy, passionate, terrific, radiant, relaxed, sensitive, thoughtful, warm, Wow!

Think about it, whenever things are NOT going well, and you are feeling low and melancholy, your energy is stagnate (at a standstill), what you are doing is simply ‘Talking the Talk’.  YOU are out of sync! The talk is good, though doing ‘ZERO’ to move things forwards and upwards.

Having a Negative Mental Attitude depicts: Fear, unenthusiastic, unconstructive, pessimistic, downbeat, harmful, depressed, selfish, addicted, aggressive, anxious, manipulating, nervous, moody, lies, neurotic, stressed, suspicious.

Which of the attitudes are you portraying? 

When next you say you have a PMA“YOU CAN TALK THE TALK, CAN YOU WALK THE WALK?"

O-live the POWORDFUL Life you deserve to live ©

The End

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