Chapter Ten

I had a whole weekend ahead of me. A weekend full of waiting and doing nothing. I wanted to --and very nearly did go out to the town just to make new friends. But instead of actually doing so, I sat down, pondering on whether or not to do it.

 I was sitting in the kitchen, where I felt safe in the open light. I sat at the breakfast bar on my laptop, looking out of the huge window that ran along the length of the wall opposite me. The window stopped just before my sink and counter started. I stared at the window, watching the gardeners do their things.  I wasn't doing much on the computer, so I decided to turn it off and watch some T.V.

 There was nothing on, so I decided to explore my house even more. I went up to the top floor; a place I had never been before. On the top floor, there was a huge landing that had nothing on it but another piano. This one was an upright, but I was surprised that it was even there. I went to sit down at the piano, but as soon as I did, it disappeared. I frowned, and waved my hand over the area that had been taken by the shape of the piano. Nothing was there. What was wrong with me?

 I decided to explore some more, so I went to a small little door at the edge of the landing. I opened it, and turned on the light. It was just an attic that had been done up into a studio of some sort. But that same piano was there. I walked along the stained brown floorboards, but as soon as I sat down, a hand flashed into vision, taking my vision away, and then darkness...


 I woke up with a fright. My room, only bathed in moonlight, was barely visible. Sweat was beading on my forehead. What a horrible nightmare...

The End

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