Chapter Nine

I cleared my throat.

 "Yes, that's me." I said. The woman smiled,

 "Come in and sit." She said cheerily. I was very nervous, but her smile helped me ease that. I walked slowly to the other end of the room to sit on one of the tall leather chairs in front of her desk. She sat on the one of the other side of the desk. Smiling again, she held out her hand.

 "I'm Jane Warrington. Feel free to call me Jane." With that, I instantly knew that I would be happy here. I smiled back at her and shook her hand.

 "I already know your name, Dane, but I need to know some other things. Firstly, I'd like to see your CV if that would be possible." She said. I nodded

 "Okay, here you go." I said, handing her the two sheets of paper. She seemed impressed.

 "Wow, these are good grades. And I can see that you've been into photography and journalism. You joined some clubs, it say here...?" She said it as a question. I nodded in reply.

 "Yeah, it was after school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I went until the end of Sixth Form. I also have my résumé here." I said. She held out her hand, and I placed the résumé in it. She brought it back to her and read it. Her eyebrows raised.

 "Well, you sure do have the experience and the qualifications to work here. Were you fired from your last job?" she asked. I shook my head.

 "My boss' and my relationship was...weird. I had to quit." I confessed. She nodded.

 "Well, all I can say now is, welcome! It's not official yet, but I just know you'll get the job. Thank you for coming, we will tell you whether or not the job is yours via phone or e-mail within the next two days. We will inform you on everything you'll need to know. Goodbye, for now, Dane." She said, smiling and holding out her hand again. I took it, smiled and left.

The End

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