Chapter Eight

My eyes encountered a lot of things when those doors opened smoothly. The first thing I noticed was a big plant pot that stood next to the elevator. Long bladed leaves grew from the plant, like a tiny palm tree, but with leaves up and down the plant.

 The hallway was quite long, which made it look a little intimidating. There was a long rug in the middle of the hallway; it had beige and red circles on it, and though it was obviously meant to make the place look less boring, it did the opposite of it's desired job. To the side was a long bench that had another plant next to it.

 The only room on this floor was the office that I intended to get to, and I could see it at the end of the hall. I took a deep breath and started descending down the long hall. That day I had decided to wear a plain white button up shirt, a pair of black trousers and a black skinny-tie. I looked smart and ready for the interview, but looks could be deceiving.

 I knocked on the door, unsure as to whether or not I should just walk in. There was a pause.

 "Come in," said a cheery, inviting voice that was lyrical and beautiful. It was a girl's voice, and she sounded at most twenty-one. I opened the door to see a large office, with a tidy, sleek, black desk at the back that sat in front of a huge window that went along the length of the back wall. Looking out of the window was a woman about my age, with blonde hair that tumbled halfway down her back in a wavy, disorganised way. She smiled happily, showing a set of perfectly white teeth. Her lips were beautiful and red. Her eyes were blue and as piercing as mine; they were framed by sets of long, thick eyelashes.

 She was beautiful.

 "Hello, you must be Dane." She said in her sing-song voice.

The End

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