Chapter Seven

I flicked through the paper, too bored to really take anything in. Nothing really caught my eye; no news or jobs. Well, not until the last page. One job stuck out, and it was perfect for me. It was to become a photographer for the newspaper. I jumped at the chance, ringing the number up immediately.

 I told them about myself, and recent or past jobs. I asked them a few questions, as did they, and I was to go to the newspaper company to do a proper interview. I got ready, bringing my CV; my GCSE results and my résumé. I had good grades, so I would have a good chance, and I'd had a lot of jobs to do with cameras and photography.

 I got there quickly -the office was quite near me, in the city.  The place that I came to was a tall building, and was very industrial. It had very huge open rooms which looked out to the city. I walked in and told the woman at the front desk why I was here. She smiled and pointed me to the elevator.

 "Thanks!" I told as I walked away. The lift was bigger than the ones back at England and they had stranger patterns in them. I pressed the button for the top floor and waited.

 The lift stayed empty throughout the journey, so I had time to think and get ready. Suddenly, the doors slid open.

The End

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