Chapter Six

I slept soundly that night, which was surprising, because I was in a new place that I didn't know. It was probably because I was so comfortable here; no one around, secluded and isolated from the busy noise of the city. I loved it, obviously. So that was a plus side of the move; I was able to sleep. Yay!

 The morning wasn't so bad either. I sat at the breakfast bar in the huge kitchen that was connected to the front room. The floor was just plain white tiling. Come to think of it, most of the things in there were white. But the surfaces and the breakfast bar was black, and made of some sort of faux-granite. It was a very nice kitchen, and I was happy that none of the appliances were too complicated. There was a window on the other side of the kitchen looking out into the front garden. There was the car park, and the small piece of grass that was big enough to fit about one acre in it.

 The sun glinted off of the blades of grass in a golden light, shining brilliantly off of the morning dew. I could hear birds chirping in the trees that were dancing to the wind, which every so often made a soft whooshing sound. I was completely relaxed, and I loved my new life here. But I knew that I had to get a job to gain food. Food wasn't just a luxury; it was a necessity.

 I picked up a newspaper which I had bought at the airport only a day before. It was hard to conceive that that was only yesterday...

The End

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