Chapter Four

I walked through the house slowly, looking at the rooms that I walked past. As soon as I walked through the door, there was a huge room that had a fluffy cream coloured carpet. Hanging from the ceiling was a huge chandelier with diamonds hanging from it. To the left were some stairs that ended with a landing that was on the top of another room that was just in front of me. You could see the landing from the ground floor at the front door. There were railings going along the edge of the landing that looked down upon the porch-type-place.

 On that landing was a beautiful black grand piano that looked very shiny and new. I decided to look upstairs later, though. I needed to find the garage...

 I walked through the house until I got to a white door. When I opened it, there were stairs made of concrete that led into a huge garage. The garage door was open, so there was more than enough light to see the shelves and the little fridge, but the best thing out of all of those things was the beautiful, sleek, black convertible car. The lights at the front were rounded, and they were surrounded by a shining black metal. It was a Mazda MX-5, a car that I'd wanted since I got my driving licence.

 I opened the car door and got in. The interior had a white coloured theme; the chairs were white and so was the bottom leathery bit under the gear stick. It was all beautiful, new and...shiny!

The End

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