Chapter Three

I stared out of the window throughout the whole journey. Suddenly, we turned off of the main road into a tiny dirt path that the car could barely fit through, I was surprised. I was glad that the journey was over, though. To me, it seemed like we drove for ages, but when I checked, we'd only been driving for forty or so minutes. I shrugged and looked up at the house I was going to be living in.

 It was quite tall, but it wasn't in the shape of a normal house; it was more like a huge block. The wall that was facing away towards the river that flowed before a huge forest was one huge window. The taxi was parked on the edge of a huge car park that went from the end of the dirt path for about twenty feet until it hit the house, which was on stilts. It had a black and cream colour theme, and it looked very modern.

 I thanked the taxi driver and paid him, and watched him drive away. I stared at the yellow car until it turned left and I couldn't see it any more. I turned back towards the house and walked up to it. I'd seen pictures of the place, but never actually in real life. So, though I knew about every room, I couldn't wait to see them. But the one room I had to see first was the one that was holding my going away present from my family. The garage.

 I got out the keys that my parents had given me before I flew off. Walking toward the house, a strange excitement burned through my veins, as if boiling my blood. Though I missed home a lot, I knew that I could make this work. Especially with this house.

The End

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