Chapter Two

When we landed, I felt very vulnerable. I didn't know what to do, where to go or who to talk to. I had known this information, but now, without my mother or father, I knew nothing. I took a deep breath, hoping to remember, but nothing came to me.

 I decided to ask for directions, so I went to an information desk.

 "Um, hi. I've just got here from England. Do you have any taxi's or anything to..." I checked my new address, paid in advance by my family and I, "72 Rovedale Avenue?" The woman at the desk typed something into the computer. She smiled, showing two sets of gleaming white teeth.

 "We can get you a cab right now if you like." She said with a heavy Texan accent. I nodded.

 "Sure, thanks." I smiled too and she picked up the phone before pressing just on button. Speed-dial.

 "Hello, can you send a cab to American Airlines, please. Yes, in New York." She waited for a second.

 "Yes...Yes...Thank you." She put the phone down and smiled at me.

 "You can wait for them outside. They should be here in about three minutes." I frowned then shrugged. That was quick.

 I waited outside, and, sure enough, the yellow taxi arrived within three minutes. I got in and gave him my address. He nodded and drove off.


 The drive was quite long, which was both good and bad. It was tense and I was afraid, but it also gave me time to plan out my life. It was a chance for me to think about what I was doing, and what I was going to do.

The End

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