Can You Hear the Screams?

When Dane Trotter moves to Brinnon, he doesn't expect an action filled life. He was drawn toward the calm, dreary atmosphere around the Olympic Peninsula. Life back in Enfield was always full of murders, gangs and petty crime.
But when he meets Jane Warrington, life gets interesting. He doesn't know whether he likes her or hates her, but she likes him.
Dane befriends her, and begins to really like her in a romantic way, but when a sting of murders appear, he is taken away, kidnapped from his


Death always seems so far away when you're young. It's like a problem that wont happen for years, and that definite. But kids aren't taught lessons in street life. I was. I knew that murder happened. I knew that kidnappers never kept their hostages alive unless there's money attached to them. I knew that, but now, that didn't seem to get me anywhere.

 I stared blankly into the gloomy darkness, praying that it was all a dream. The only thing I could see was a gleaming knife, stained with blood. He was going to kill me.

 If I ever really took time to actually think about the possibility of dying, perhaps I would've steered clear of this; of death. But now, with death drawing closer, I didn't have time to think back. There were no flashbacks; my life didn't flash by my eyes, though it wouldn't have taken long. Everything was crystal clear; all of my senses except from eyesight heightened. I needed to get out of this.

 I imagined the man sneering, happy that his task had been fulfilled. I didn't like to think of my death, but there was no escaping it; death was never escapable. Right?

The End

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