Chapter III

We ring the doorbell, just like Maxine said, and find ourselves in a splendidly gold foyer.

We move slowly, taking in the sights, until  a very handsome man approaches us.

"Hello Quinn, Maxine. My Father is waiting for you." He says, smiling at us. 

"Uhm, how did He know?" Maxine asks stupidly.

But Jesus just laughs, "My Father knows everything. Even why you are here." He says looking at me, I blush.

"He does?"

"Yes, now come follow Me." Jesus walks away in such a grace that it makes me and Maxine look like toddlers first learning how to walk.

Jesus leads us into a giant room full of pictures of people. Saints. And on a super gigantic screen T.V is every person alive on earth. "Sit down while I go tell him." He says gently.

As soon as He leaves, we flit across the room toward the giant T.V. Maxine's eyes scan them as fast as she can and stop at one of the bottom most pictures. "My family." 

I look at what she's talking about and see that they have the same shade of red hair she has.

"I really wished you had just sat down." A tired but happy voice says.

We turn and startle. We have never seen Him before, never even imagined what He looked like yet here we are, looking at Him face to face.

Yeah,we were looking at God.

The End

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