Chapter II

"Turn to page 394." Our teacher, Ms. Monteheely, orders. So yeah, there are schools in heaven. It's for those kids who died early and never got to finish their education. Its a regular high school. No bullies, no terror teachers. It was everything a kid could ask for.

I didn't ask for it though.

I gazed out the window and unto my family. Apparently, you get one get one gift when you enter heaven and I chose to never leave my family.

Now I can see them wherever they go.

I watch as my little sister, 17 now—older than me, seeing how we never age here— kiss her boyfriend. She is loving it but in her mind I can feel her thought on me. Whether I should have been alive to be able to experience this.

The image shifts as my mother is showing yet again my pictures to her friends. I know, they should get over my death but they can't, I feel her thoughts hovering on the edge of why I died but she quickly changes the subject and goes to get some drinks.

I tune back in and see my teacher looming over me. It is a rarity to get sad here, even rarer to get angry. Still, we were humans. That doesn't mean we don't have those feelings. "Ms. Jackson. Didn't you hear me tell the class to read the following pages on the board? What are you staring at?" He cranes his neck to see but I just show him. He flinches in surprise and walks away.

What did he see? Nothing. I showed it to him from my mind.

I listen to the class now and see Hazel, my neighbor stare at me. I smile at her and she quickly turns away. The class is nothing important though. They just teach it so that we feel like we didn't miss anything that our deaths took away from us.

I hate it.

"Do you think I should talk to Him?" I ask, Maxine as classes ended.


We make our way to the castle then, not sure what we should do. "What do we do?" I ask her.

"We ring the doorbell."

The End

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