Chapter I

"Quinn, your problems won't solve themselves." My best friend, Maxine, says.

I watch my family from the cloud we are sitting on. They are yet again praying the rosary for my salvation.

"Huh?" I look at her. She died from leukemia and had arrived five days before I did. 

"You know, ask Him." She suggests.

"Are you crazy? I haven't even seen Him, yet alone be able to talk to Him." I look at the giant castle sitting on top of the hill. God lived there you know. 

Yeah, I died and went up to heaven. It was all white and like you'd expect, everyone was nice. I had many friends and lived in an apartment beside Maxine's. It was just like earth below. Except for the fact that their were no problems. Well, it was a rarity to have problems here. It was peaceful here.

I studied my friend. She was pale but then again weren't we all? Her eyes had rims underneath them. You see, one you enter heaven, you check the big book if your name is there. If it is, then you get to watch your whole life flash through this giant screen.It's crazy you know? From the way you were born down to the moment you die. I pity those who lived a longer life because the number of days of you have to watch is how old you were when you died.

"You know you can." She chided. "You just don't want to."

I sigh. "All right Maxine, I don't want to ok? I'm fine watching my family from here. And besides, why would He want to listen to me when He has to answer to many prayers everyday?" I ask.

"Well, maybe He would. He did bring you up here."

The End

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